Parker Rightfully Won, the Royalists Were Defeated, Get Behind Him!

Ok folks, fun's over.

The Gov, COS, and the consultants ran a power play, and lost, flat lost. The right person won. Now, get behind him, there are a number of elections to win this year.

I watch a lot of people carp and dither about this and that. Go down to your local Democratic Party HQ and do the phone work, the canvassing, the voter registration, the data entry, and all the other scut work to get Obama elected, and oh by the way, all of the local and state candidates. Dont like that, then get off your butts and go raise funds, we really need them. If you do not understand that this is a fight to the death, and that it will only end in our death as a political entity, you are not helping, you are likely the opposition.

I fully understand that in working 40-50 hours a week for Obama is working for the least objectionable candidate - same with candidates in middle and lower ranks in State and Counties. But, do you really want Mittens and his troup of hired assassins running the whole show. We can retake the House if we do the right things. But, our lapse in 2010, yes we did not drag everyone to the polls, cost us the redistricting, and thus perhaps the state for 10 years. Ok, what is the 10 year game plan. Get in the trenches for the long haul, for the ground game.

You will not find a greater cynic than I am, but we can only make things happen as groups, and larger groups. I for one am tired of idiot political guitar heroes (in their own minds) who see the political struggles as going on somewhere else, usually below their august position. There is no "somewhere else". There is here and now.

Put your money and time and work into the Democratic Party. I have not seen anyone in any party or corporation or anywhere jump into their panties two legs at a time. People will screw up, got to get past that and keep our eyes on the prize. As trite as that sounds, it worked and will work again. Quit looking for instant wins.

Go down to your Democratic Party and volunteer. Solicit unaffiliateds to work with us. Use fear if need be. But dammit, win this year, and next year, and the next, ad nausem. If not us, who?



You're right, fun;s over

The party is over too. Capital P Party. Nice work, Bill.

You want a club where people sit around and bitch about Republicans and elected officials? Start one. Political parties exist to elect elected officials.

The concept of a political party without elected officials, or full of people who speak of their own party elected officials in the disrespectful asinine way you do is no party at all. It's a bitch session.


Because we think that a guy elected by 250 people with so little to do that they can go to Greensboro on Mother's Day weekend should perhaps listen to the elected Constitutional representatives of the people? My. What a strange definition of democracy you have, Bill.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Wow, What A Piece of Work

No, I simply know from many, many decades that groups of people get work done and things accomplished. No where did I say that winning campaigns is not paramount. However it is a hell of a lot easier to win if the group supporting those campaigns are well organized, trained and guided, and they understand the over all goals, into which the election of Jack or Jane fits.

No, a bunch of people went to Greensboro because they believe that people in a group can get things done, and they did. And no, this was not an attack on a group of properly elected officials, but it was an attack on what they did, rather ingenuously I think and the resulting image of ineptness they carried off, with their consultants.

But, nothing in the POO gives any one person or group total control, as we know that is always a disaster. What can you do to forward the cause, save griping?



Much easier to win campaigns

Much easier to win campaigns if you stand up to sexual harrasement, not cover it up.

Again, either Sallie Lesie is a liar, or DP covered up sexual harrasement. We know David lied to everyone today.

Can you find one case in the history of the NCDP where a vote was required by the SEC to accept the resignation of a Party officer. No!. As well, no vote scheduled to accept resignations of 2nd vice chair or secretary, but elections for those offices was on the agenda.

I can forward the cause by standing up against a liar and covering up sexual harrasment.

A bunch of people went to Greensboro because they thought there was going to be an election because that is what DP told them. They were lied too as well.

DP now has total control of the democratic party to the detriment of winning elections. Congratulations for contributing to the destruction of the NCDP.

What can I do? Get rid of

What can I do?

Get rid of people who see conspiracies behind common sense, who think 267 is more than 2it milliin and who believe the Party is a debating society.

Thats what I intend to do.



Put your money and time and work into the Democratic Party.

Seriously, why should I? The Party hires an out-of-state Executive Director, and then keeps him after paying his accuser $10,000 to keep his mouth shut. And then, when the shit hits the fan, Parker tells everybody he's going to resign after the Primary (which takes the heat off of him, by the way). But he doesn't resign, does he? Nope. He pulls a stunt, and keeps his job.

And you want me to put my time and money and effort supporting behavior like that? Oh, hell no.

I may help individual candidates, and try to advise voters at polling places in November. But the Party can kiss my lily white ass.

Gosh, that's clear, crystal clear

One of the things the Republicans have done the past 40 years is use propaganda to split up the left, including much of the Democratic Party. Part of that has been to drive as many people from the party as possible, usually with lies and fraud. The Murdoch Empire alone has spent billions attracting people from the left by introducing uncertainty and convusion, only no one talks about it. Frankly, I feel that the independent or Unaffiliated is a total cop out. Those sentiments work right into the sentiments of the right, fundamentally: screw you, I got mine. Individual Freedom from, me, me, me, I, I. What the hell about WE? Yes, communitarian has taken a severe beating these past 40 years and we have been separated intentionally from one another.

Well, no one said you had to work or give to the Democratic Party, sounds like you might like the Tea Party better. Good luck to you and yours. Most lasting things have been done by groups who decided to be cohesive.



Bill buy a clue

Much easier to give money if the leaders of the Party are not trying to cover up sexual harrasement.

I'm pretty sure what I "like" is not in question

I've written hundreds of diaries here, advocating for dozens of progressive issues and causes. To speculate that I might like the Tea Party is about as wrong as saying a cat might like to swim a couple of laps in an olympic-sized pool.

You know what I don't understand, Bill? Folks like you and Chris complain about OFA and DNC wielding influence over the (state) Party, while the hard-working NC grassroots workers are ignored. But then Parker chooses an out-of-state DNC guy as ED, there's not a peep? If Parker was (is) so dedicated to the grassroots, why'd he pluck a weed from another state?

Parker chose a Deanic!

David Parker picked Jay Parmley to be ED because he had worked for Howard Dean - the Great Party-builder.

He didn't pick someone to be ED to mend fences with the Hunt wing of the Party. And he didn't pick someone because they were dating his immediate predecessor. Know how I figured that one out?

Carolina had this dog with her every day in Goodwin House. She claimed it was her boyfriend's dog. When Caroline left and the dog was still there and Andrew claimed it was his dog - I put two and two together.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

It's Disgusting!

I am in total agreement with your post. Why should we support the NCDP after this past weekend? We have a party chair who is more concerned with protecting his own job and an SEC that apparently believes that covering up harassment is not a serious offense in a party that supposedly fights for workplace protections.

I am so tired of the extremes of both parties controling our political debate. Mr. Franklin's "Royalists" comments about our party elected officials is insulting and shows how little he understands that political parties exist to elect people to "govern", not bitch and moan about Republicans, or create litmus tests that force candidates to support extreme positions.

Ideologically, the Democratic Party left me long ago. Saturday, the Democratic Party morally lost my support. I will be registering as Unaffiliated this afternoon!


it seems as though it was our chair who in returning says "l'etat c'est moi"...

So is it true

Chris Telesca is going to be the new Executive Director???

David Parker put himself above the Party

In over 200 years of NCDP history, there has never been a vote of the SEC to accept or reject a resignation of a party officer. Nor were there votes scheduled to accept the resignations of the 2nd Vice Chair or the Secretary, although elections were on the agenda to replace them today. That proves Parker orchestrated this to stay in power. He used a loopole in the plan of orginization to force a vote on his resignation after giving a stem winder speach to fire up the room, despite his promise to many in public and private that he would step down.

By this logic, if a Precinct Chair resigns, then there has to be a another precinct meeting to accept it. That has never happened, ever, nor will it, but is sure was convienent for Mr. Parker today.

As well, because Mr. Parker had promised the Lt. Governor and NC Democrats he would step aside, serious questions about his behavior were not pursued. For example, he had no authority to enter into a settlement on his own without Executive Council approval. Nor the fact that the only way he had not covered up sexual harrasment was if 16 year Director of Adminstration, Sallie Leslie, who resigned in a historic year in NC rather than be a part of a cover up, was lying. Sallie Leslie's integrity is unimpeachable. Previous question to end debate on his resignation was moved before anyone could raise opposition to his staying. Opposition debate was not allowed.

We know David today alone lied to the Lt. Governor, lied to the White House and lied to Democrats in the hall who had called him after the vote on his resignation when he told them that he would go back down and resign again. He said he would do so in minutes, keeping members in the hall for what they thought was going to be an election. Instead, he waited over an hour until 10 minutes before the room had to be vacated to say he would stay on.

As well he lied to Democrats across the state two weeks ago when he said there would be an election today and he would not stay. Candidates emerged and spent money based on his word, and Democrats came on a mother's day weekend to participate in what they were told was going to be an election, only to be treated to a 6 hour farce.

David Parker spoke of the need for unity, but he just assured unreparible divison in the North Carolina Democratic Party. In perhaps one of the most selfish, egotistical displays in memory, he made this about him. There is not one rational Democratic leader of any substance who is not pissed off about this.

He and a few delusional SEC members who confused others have put their judgement above that of our elected officials and the voters who elected them, and placed themselves above the good of the party. They did so by trashing two women who have given decades of dedicated service to the Democratic Party.

Shame on them for doing so. I hope they enjoy their seats on the top row of the upper deck at the DNC, and the cricket sounds at the Goodwin House until they have to sell it because they will not be able to raise a dime. Rational Democrats will go on and win elections without them.

Bill Franklin

You sir owe a public apology to Sallie Leslie. She has more integrity in her pinky than any Democrat in this State in their whole body. As well if standing up to covering up sexual harasment, and wanting to win elections makes me a 'Royalist', happy to accept.

Yassa Massa

Dear royalist: we sure want to make you happy. But, I think as things come out, you may find yourself wondering. Sallie did 15 years of great service. Sorry she got into this somehow.

Somehow you sound like someone I talked to on the phone and email who has an ax in this fight.



Yes, My main ax is to defend

Yes, My main ax is to defend someone who sacraficed much to do the right thing against those who would call her a liar.

If doing that and wanting to do what is right to win elections makes me a 'Royalist', I wear that proudly.

I like you Bill, but you have been out of line and owe her an apology.

You like this guy? He has

You like this guy? He has called you a Republican tool, a royalist and a selfintersted crook! He is a delusional moron. I like him the way a scientist likes smallpox. It is a horrid but wierdly compelling item of study.


I like Bill. Worked with him on Toney Forrest's campaign, but he has gone over to delusional Gene Messek zone. I do not care what he calls me, but he owes Sallie Leslie an appolgy

These 269 people and Parker

might as well be in a lifeboat, rowing away from a ship into the great unknown, leaving food, water, shelter, power and a huge ship behind, and thinking "boy, we showed them, now we're in charge."

First wave? Gurgle.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Bill Franklin is dead right

David Parker resigned. The State Executive Committee voted not once, not twice, not thrice but four times to reject his resignation. What was Parker to do? Re-resign? Is this the Democratic Party or the Party of the Elect? I thought the meaning of the term democracy was the rule of the majority. Why do some people think a minority should rule the Democratic Party?

What he should have done is

What he should have done is keep his word. There should not have been a vote. In over 200 years of the NCDP, there has never been a vote to accept or reject a resignation.

If people knew he was lying to them, or were allowed to debate the issue without being cut off, then we would have made the case why he has completely disqualified himself to serve.

Our mistake was believing he wouldn't lie to our nominee for Governor.

Perry Woods, Tsk Tsk,

Perry Woods: Why not just use your real name.

I think you are fully mistaken. Now I do not know what Parker talked to the Gov, Dalton, etc. about, but apparently you do! I find that as likely as you simply accepting that the Democratic Party, acted like the Democratic Party, and your faction was simply out of touch. Is there yet another tortured explanation?



No secret

It's no secret to people who follow politics online that WhalerCane is Perry. He's very open about it. If you don't know then Google WhalerCane and the first name that comes up is Perry Woods. For early users of the Internet usernames are common and are closely associated with real people. Some people choose to stick with the online identity for consistency and because it is a brand by which they are known. It's a form of transparency that is different from the adoption of a username for pure anonymity.

Under Parker's watch hostile working conditions developed. That was a correctable mistake which was handled badly for a political party that prides itself on openness, inclusiveness, diversity and support for labor rights. The original sin was compounded by the delusion that it could be covered up and forgotten about. Yesterday made it worse.

Lay off the peyote

A close voice vote followed by recorded vote doesn't count as voting twice. A vote to accept an amendment does not count as a vote for or against the motion being amended. There was a lot of voting but to claim there was voting "four times to reject his resignation" is pure hyperbole.

You are smarter than to believe that democracy is simply the rule of the majority and we're not dumb enough to believe it. Democracy runs somewhat on the honor system. Parker took advantage of that and demonstrated a lack of requisite honor.

The NCDP allowed the creation of a hostile work environment for a low paid staffer. Parker covered it up and hoped we'd never hear about it. That's not what the Democratic Party should stand for. It was political incompetence.

It was allegedly a hostile work environment!

RemeParker had a duty to protect the NCDP and other officers from liability. He followed the POO, followed party personnel policies and the letter of the law.

Can you please tell me where in the POO, the party personnel policies or NC employment or libel/slander law you can find the part about needing to tell you or anyone else a damned thing?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

The Real Democrats Won In Greensboro Saturday!

Congratulations to the State Executive Committee for standing up for a good, decent, Christian man named David Parker! He is an excellent State Chair and he was the choice of grassroots Demcrats today.
The SEC demonstrated that it is not going to let the Council of State run our Party any longer.
The members of the COS are not interested in building the Party. They just want to use the Party's money for their own selfish interests!
The COS never participate in Party business meetings. They rush in, listen to themselves give a speech, and then rush out. They NEVER stay to listen to the concerns of grassroots Democrats. Never!
Elaine Marshall has become a bitter old woman. She orchestrated the movement against David Parker because he would not keep all the Tax Checkoff money in Raleigh for the benefit of the COS members. David Parker believes in sharing half the Tax Checkoff money with the Congressional District Parties so it can be used in the districts and counties where elections are decided.
Today the SEC demonstrated that grassroots Democrats are tired of the selfishness of the COS members. The SEC also kissed good-bye to the political consultants who have grabbed huge amount of the Party's money in the past - and done very little good for the Party.
This was a great day for grassroots Democrats!!!



Two things.

(1)You also voted two young democrats off the DNC. Did the "real" dems win there?

(2) one day, i encourage you to make such statements about Elaine where I can hear you. I want to know exactly what kind of person betrays dedication like that, so I can point you out to my children and tell them how ashamed I will be if they ever act like that.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Just because two YD's left the DNC...

...doesn't mean that the other Dems who replaced them were any less "real" than they were.

Or are you saying that Everett Ward, Jake Quinn, Jeanette Council, Pat Cotham and Olma Echeverri are somehow less deserving of being voted onto the DNC than the two YDs that didn't make the cut?

You just don't trust the electorate to make choices - especially when they make different choices than you make?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

A complete made up lie about

A complete made up lie about Elaine. How is it a Democratic Value to falsely attack a women who has given decades of service to the democratic party?

David Parker will likely not be able to share checkoff money with Districts for two reasons. He will not be able to keep doors of NCDP open with out it, and fair chance he will never see it because the legislture repeals it before he gets it?

Bang on the money!

A pamphlet distributed at the SEC titled, "The Cover-Up," helped David Parker's backers explain the complexity of the money angle. David Parker has always worked for a broad distribution of the tax check-off funds, while governors and the COS have persistently wanted to keep all of it for themselves. Elaine Marshall, Janet Cowell and Beth Woods were in high dudgeon at the SEC. They panicked, and there were waves of panicky walkouts when it became clear that they had lost the lengthening parade of repeated votes and ballots that backed and strengthened David Parker.

At first haughty and assured of victory, Marshall's demeanor graphically morphed into a morose and shattered visage. Marshall looked and acted as if she was embarrassed.

The entire scene reminded me of the French Revolution when the crown ran out of money and wanted to raise taxes. The people rebelled and the guillotine sang its song.

Bottom line: we need a new COS - Marshall and her coterie who want to plunder the collective begging bowl have got to go at some point. If this had happened last winter, all of them would have faced strong primary opponents.

Dalton ended the day with a large self-inflicted splash of egg on his face, too.

Dalton, Marshall, Woods and Cowell are skating on thin ice.

Don Vaughan was disgraced by the exposure of his role in ALEC. I heard several SEC members muttering, "I can stand any of the possible chairs except for one - that one that joined ALEC!"

The SEC was not impressed with Mary Ann Baldwin after her support for a Republican who ran against Don Mial made her name mud.

And, don't blame David Parker, he resigned in good faith and left for the beach. The SEC said, "No!" "No!" "No!" and "No!"

When Parker returned, a surge of joy and relief flooded the SEC.

Like or not, Parker got several votes of confidence from the SEC.

Any further attempts to depose Parker would lead to a much broader revolt against the Dalton-Marshall faction and could cost Obama the presidency.

If the NCDP is going to unite now, it can only unite behind David Parker.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is demanding the repeal of the plan of organization, the repeal of majority rule and the adoption of a top-down hierarchy otherwise known as tyranny, dictatorship and totalitarianism. Forget it about it. Parker runs the NCDP for the foreseeable future.

Surely there is a way to

Surely there is a way to remove such unstable people from the SEC.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

If the POO is responsible for

If the POO is responsible for views like the paranoid delusion above gaining currency in the SEC, then repeal and rewrite is required.

Now you are attacking the whole COS. Brilliant.

I assume you have a plan to fill those offices using nothing but your 269 fellow travelers in Chris Telesca's rowboat?

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

So what are you?

The pamphleteer? Parker's biographer, consultant, valet, historian, all of the above?

There are uncontested Republican seats in 2012. It's hard enough to get people to run without having the party treat candidates and elected officials like dirt.

I'm an SEC member

Stop speaking for me.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

NCDP Bank Account REaltiy Check

Is so diminished, the Goodwin House has barely 1 month left.

Go ahead and fantatize about check-off $$$$$. There isn't any.

Maybe the PArker kool-aid drinkers should have "past the hat" while in g'boro.

Hmmm... Gotta wonder where


Gotta wonder where the money went.

Also, can anyone confirm the rumor that David promised Jay his job back?

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

The NC Democratic Party Has Money!

At Saturday's SEC meeting in Greensboro the Treasurer's Report showed that the Party has money more in its Treasury now than it has ever had in May of an election year.
The reason: The fund raising work of State Chair David Parker!


sec meeting yesterday

After having followed these events and having attended and voted yesterday the following issues (among many) still remain: what authority under the n.c.d.p. plan of organization gave Mr. Parker authority to approve expenditure of the monies for the legal settlement, without the approval of the State Executive Council; what type of monies (federal, state, or perhaps private donations specifically for a "legal defense fund" not referenced or authorized by previous documents) were used in the settlement; and will the Office of the District Attorney in Wake County request an SBI and/or FBI inquiry?
These are real and practical concerns that exist regardless of what the votes cast yesterday to "reject" Mr. Parker's "resignation" accomplished.

Under what authority under the NCDP POO

Does David Parker need to go to the Executive Council to expend money? Can you find the section of the POO that requires him to do that?

If you can, why not file a petition with the Council of Review and get him removed from office that way?

That would be a real and practical way for you to deal with this issue, if you still feel that David Parker did something wrong.

And can you please tell me under what state or federal law was broken to require the intervention of the the Wake County DA or SBI or FBI?

Geeze - you all are rapidly losing your perspective on this - you're starting to sound like "birthers"!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

I'm interested in knowing

who won the elections to fill officer vacancies and the results of the DNC members election. Thanks.

Zach Hawkins was elected 2nd

Zach Hawkins was elected 2nd Vice Chair, T.E. Austin elected as Secretary. As for the DNC members (who take their seats AFTER the convention), I can't remember, although Verdejo was not reelected.

Thank you.

I saw some comment above about two young Democrats being replaced, so I was also curious about the DNC.

DNC members are...

Two male members elected: Everett Ward and Jake Quinn
Two female members elected: Jeannette Council and Pat Cotham
The 5th Wheel: Olma Echeverri

Good choices from all over NC - good reflection on the diversity of our Party

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Thanks for the information.

I'm especially happy that Everett Ward was reelected. He was a great Executive Director and has always represented NC Democrats well.


Watching all of this bickering is very sad and frustrating, can we all please just accept that what happened, happened, and just get along?

It was a brilliant coup David

It was a brilliant coup David Parker pulled off Saturday. I have been a big fan of his and was disheartened by the sexual harassment scandal that seemed to implode his ability to lead our party. It takes a big man to stage a come back especially after seeing his unflattering attempt to explain what transpired at his news conference. I’m also sure it was a very proud moment to see his performance highlighted on the Daily Show.
Little did I know that the sex scandal(wait it not sexual harassment if no one had sex) was just a road block in his attempt to gain the power of the purse strings in our fine state. I’m a firm believer in karma and if not for the scandal David’s power grab would have worked flawless, but it didn’t.
I will also have to say I’m impressed at how many folks have come out in defense of the indefensible. David has some very loyal surrogates defending his actions. What I’m learning fast is how cheaply loyalty can be bought. We have less then five months before the conventions and we have the head of our party who is political poison. I’m sure before the sex scandal DP and his surrogates had already figured how to spend the 25 million that was to come from the Obama campaign. Good luck on that front. We will be lucky if our delegation has a seat on the floor during the convention.
Lastly if anyone thinks this is just going to blow over you’re delusional.