"Our Military is Strong"

Yes, according to our fearless leader, the military is strong. So strong in fact that it is meeting all of its recruitment goals and retention goals. How?

That is a very good question, considering the lousy reputation the armed forces has sustained under Bush, how exactly are we recruiting people and keeping people in the military?

I was reading surveyors article, and wanted to get some more information on the local troop that was killed. I couldn't find it. Not a word. But, I did find this interesting story from the same day. It provides yet another example of the lengths our military will go to keep up appearances. I wouldn't be surprised to see this fella in downtown Baghdad for speaking out against Rumsfeld.

Picture by Arthur Steel

Soldier called back to duty on day before retirement
Sunday October 15, 2006

LINDENHURST, Ill. (AP) An Army staff sergeant was days away from retirement after a 20-year military career when he was ordered to return to his unit, which will be deployed to Iraq at the end of the month.

James Engle applied for retirement in January and later received a retirement award from the Army during a ceremony in Texas. On Sept. 20 he was told paperwork was missing and he should report to his unit, the 1st Cavalry Division.

Late last month, the Army denied his retirement request along with a request to exempt him from his unit's deployment saying it was ``neither compelling nor compassionate enough in nature,'' even though a military retirement counselor had scheduled his Army release for Sept. 21.

``I feel like I'm twisting in the wind,'' Engle said. ``I keep being told that there has been a big, huge mistake. Well, this big, huge mistake has turned my life completely around.''
His request was denied and the military transferred him to Fort Hood, Texas. Engle's wife, Claudia, and two children decided to stay in Lindenhurst, located 40 miles northwest of Chicago.
``If they would have said two months ago, we need you, I would have understood,'' Engle said. ``But to do this to me and my family one day before I was going to move home is especially cruel.''

Our military is good and truly F**ked. It will take a generation to fix this problem - thanks GWB.


Recruiting goals

The only reason they're even close to meeting goals is because their dropping standards. The latest meme: dumb people make good soldiers.

"moving the goals"

they also have much lower goals, or so I have been told.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

My brother's story...

In mid 2005, he had a year to go in the Army and couldn't wait to get out. He was going to retire from the Army (already been in since 1991) but after 2 tours in the war on terror, he had had enough of this "utterly pointless war."

On the day before his anniversary to leave the service, a commander called him into his office and asked what his plans for re-enlistement were. He said he planned to leave the service.

At that point the commander gave him two options. Re-enlist for 3 years right then and there OR he would get new orders which would have put him in Bagdad the next day and for the rest of his time in the Army.

ALL military familes are haviing to go through this bullshit daily.

Sad to say.

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He should have recorded this shit.

Then sued their asses off. Even in the military you can't threaten someone with death through deposition into Baghdad and get away with it.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

The latest bruhaha is...

He finally got his package together to qualify for Officer Training School but his base commander told him to put in a drawer because if he completes OTS, he gets a two year stay in Baghdad right off the bat.

You just can't win with Bush.

NC-05 Is Now In PLAY! - Vote Sharpe For Congress