Our Great GOP Goverment at Work! THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!

This is a report summary from the GAO. This kind of treatment is nothing but absurd. Have Bush & Taylor got a secret money makeing operation we dont know about?

Military Pay: Hundreds of Battle-Injured GWOT Soldiers Have Struggled to Resolve Military Debts, GAO-06-494, April 27, 2006 Highlights-PDFPDF As part of the Committee on Government Reform's continuing focus on pay and financial issues affecting Army soldiers deployed in the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), the requesters were concerned that battle-injured soldiers were not only battling the broken military pay system, but faced blemishes on their credit reports and pursuit by collection agencies from referrals of their Army debts. GAO was asked to determine (1) the extent of debt of separated battle-injured soldiers and deceased Army soldiers who served in the GWOT, (2) the impact of DOD debt collection action on separated battle-injured and deceased soldiers and their families, and (3) ways that Congress could make the process for collecting these debts more soldier friendly. Pay problems rooted in the complex, cumbersome processes used to pay Army soldiers from their initial mobilization through active duty deployment to demobilization have generated military debts. As of September 30, 2005, nearly 1,300 separated Army GWOT soldiers who were injured or killed during combat in Iraq and Afghanistan had incurred over $1.5 million in military debt, including almost 900 battle-injured soldiers with debts of $1.2 million and about 400 soldiers who died in combat with debts of $300,000. As a policy, DOD does not pursue collection of debts of soldiers who were killed in combat. However, hundreds of battle-injured soldiers experienced collection action on their debts. The extent of these debts may be greater due to incomplete reporting. GAO's case studies of 19 battle-injured soldiers showed that collection action on military debts resulted in significant hardships to these soldiers and their families. For example, 16 of the 19 soldiers were unable to pay their basic household expenses; 4 soldiers were unable to obtain loans to purchase a car or house or meet other needs; and 8 soldiers' debts were offset against their income tax refunds. In addition, 16 of the 19 case study soldiers had their debts reported to credit bureaus and 9 soldiers were contacted by private collection agencies. Due to concerns about soldier indebtedness resulting from pay-related problems during deployments, Congress recently gave the Service Secretaries authority to cancel some GWOT soldier debts. Because of restrictions in the law, debts of injured soldiers who separated at different times can be treated differently. For example, soldiers who separated more than 1 year ago are not eligible for debt relief and soldiers who paid their debts are not eligible for refunds. Further, because this authority expires in December 2007, injured soldiers and their families could face bad credit reports, visits from collection agents, and tax refund offsets in the future.



OK ,Now here is Dans Take and the Passdown!!

I am a proud veteran of these United States! I fully and completely Support My Troops, It is their FUBARED Leadership that keeps asking them to "BOHICA"! I just going to say what is on my mind so please my fellow friends I apologize if I upset you with my choice of words! But ,this pisses me off! ,I ant Blue now, Im beet red all over with steam comming out my ears and my B/P is 200/150 probally. What will these Chickenshit leaders want next? Troops to pay for the blood they loose! Bush was AWOL-Asshole without leave! Dick Cheney had 5 college deferments, and NO I do not have anything against college haveing 2 years me self! Non-Battle hardened Vets trying to lead true patroits into battle. They didnt get rich off Saddams oil, didnt find WMD's so their masterplan is to get our troops blown up, & then charge them for their clothing,their blood,their sweat & tears! Next they will be putting a grief tax on the relatives of those KIA! Im mad! Im ill as a nest of stirred up hornets! Like a attack dog just waiting to bite somebody! Mabie I better sleep on the couch tonight!

Anyone think this is the lession Rob has been wanting me to learn? Wanna take bets? Sorry for my rant & rave, You know I think you all are the best!



Rants are fine

They are therapeutic and you never know...you just might inspire someone with a rant.

I know that military pay and health care have been issues for a long time. I don't know when the problems started or whether it is just this president and this Congress that have failed to act. Hmmm...they wonder why enrollment is down. I don't know the answers, but someone needs to be looking for them.

Keep up the good work, Daniel.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.