Open thread: Un-site-ly

We've been having some trouble with the front page, so I've demoted a few entries, which appears to have fixed the problem. I'll be examining each entry to see what can be reposted to the front without breaking things again.

Sorry for the confusion.


Actually, it was Iran

the President of Iran, that is. My mistake, wouldn't you know.

Robin Hayes front-paged at dKos

I imagine someone has already posted this, but just in case...

Daily Kos: "Rep. Robin Hayes' highly publicized vote switcheroo on CAFTA -- the Central America Free Trade Agreement -- has come back to haunt him this election year.

The Concord Republican has finished second among House members in the "Spineless" category in Washingtonian magazine's biannual survey, which was sent to 1,700 top congressional staffers from both parties. The magazine's "Best & Worst of Congress" issue hit newsstands last week."

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