Open Thread: Free Lunch


What's your pleasure?

The Civitas Institute has this free lunch. has this free lunch.
Geeko nerds has this free lunch.
And Illinois poets have this free lunch.

Bon appetit.

From NC Rumors:

You are invited to join Republican Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-District 26) at the Civitas Institute monthly DecisionMaker Poll Presentation on Wednesday June 21st at the Clarion Hotel. Senator Berger will be a special guest analyst. Poll topics will include the budget, North Carolina’s growing illegal immigration problem, national defense and the poll numbers of perspective gubernatorial candidates. The Civitas Institute will provide a complimentary lunch to attendees at 12 noon. The poll presentation and discussion will begin at 12:30. Please RSVP to Mary Catherine Rouse by calling (919) 834-2099 or e-mail

Somebody call Mary and tell her to buy 50 loaves of bread. She'll need it to go along with all the baloney we'll hear from the Civitas "Poll."


Free beer

Maybe there will be free beer. Berger got a lot of contributions from Budweiser distributors.

Let's start a gang.

Maybe we could have a gang that rides the circuit and stops in to engage and educate people at meetings like the Civitas Institute. Swoop in with talking points blazing.

Nah. It would be too creepy.

Taste of baloney

Here's a taste of that baloney: Part of the poll was about "spending one-time income on expenses that will become recurring expenditures in the future" but the headline/talking point is:
"Voters Say ‘No’ To Spending"
Good question, wrong spin.

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Can you check that link? It takes me back to BlueNC . . . and I'm really hungry this morning!

Thanks Lance

I should have tested before posting.

Um..not hip hop :)

Saw this on Talking Points Memo. They also blogged TPM Cafe and the official explanation is they are blocking all blogs.

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