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A perfect world.........

Nicer even if it was a jail in Texas, funded by Halliburton, Blackhawk and Crawford, TX ranch property taxes/revenues............and hell, guarded by Zapatistas working in a union, paid a living wage, with insurance.............

Love it.

Or maybe Gitmo.


a super secret place that may or may not exist somewhere in the world. Shhh.

No. Seriously. Shhh.

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ABSOFUKINLUTLY.. What is the Senate and Congress waiting for ?

His lips were trembling
His voice was begining to crackle.
Visibly upset just having to speak the words...

WTF is the Senate and Congress waiting for?
Stop the madness of this adminstration now!
Should have already happened. They should have never been allowed to get this far. It is criminal. Our system of checks and balances needs an overhaul, 'cause it appears to be broke.

And yes Mr Anglico, GITMO is the least of what they deserve.
jim's op/ed @

$99 for a Bag of Laundry -$99!

"Robert Greenwald, the director of IRAQ FOR SALE, was invited to testify before Congress by Rep. Jim Moran. He prepared four minutes from the documentary to show.

Republicans insisted this not be shown."

But was this shown?

The republicans did not want it shown, but was it shown anyways?

Cheney and his obvious ties to holiburton is to this day a major conflict of interest.

Now you know why guys like Powell and Shwartkopf refuse to have anything to do with politics. They do not want their good names associated with crap like this. They do not want to be called a politician.

Cheney needs to have everything taken from him. Bush needs to have everything taken from him. These two have done more to harm us then to many wish to belief. If Cheney had any integrity, he would step down. Dont hold your breath waiting for Cheney to do that.

I think these two guys along with H. Clinton and Dole are reasons why so many people hate politicians and dont get involved with them. It is a given that most politicians are crooked. That they are in politics for themselfs and that the constituants are just a by-product of their decisions. HC and ED both went looking for states that they could buy their votes in, and New York and NC are now living with this. These two do not, and never have lived in their states. A freaking address and they can be senator? How did that happen. But there they are. Screwing up the country.

I cannot get over the fact that why would anyone collect over $20+ million dollars, in one quarter, just to run for an office that pays about $400,000/year. Talk about a $900 hammer? Now you know why we pay $99 for services. To many of our politicians do not have a grasp of what goods and services are worth. Their entire concern is to see how much money they can get which equates to votes. Sounds like buying votes to me only reversed.

Next time your in DC, walk thru the Senate building. You can, they are wide open, all you need to do is pass thru a metal detector. They dont ask you why you are in there. You can take an elivator up to the 5th floor and see doles office COMPLEX. She has an entire wing for her. She has more space then my house does. These people have no clue what the avg person on the street is doing or living with. Having a senator as a president is a very bad thing, they are out of touch with people. They have no clue what it is like to decide, do I buy gas, pay the phone bill, give my kids new/used clothes, or eat, one of these is not going to happen this week.

At least on the representive side, the offices are much smaller.

We are paying them so we can vote for them?

Voter: Please, oooo please, if I give you $4000 at this dinner, would you please oooo please stay in the race so I can vote for you in the primaries?

Politician: OOOO ok, I will continue to run for office if you continue to send me money.

I would love to see a budget expenduture for these campaigns. I am sure that in every election you will see examples of $99 per laundry bag being spent. If the money stops for a politician, they will drop out of the race. I have not seen any integrity displayed by any of the politicians.

I am still out on Barack and the mormon from Utah(?). The rest of them, no integrity, or a serious lack of it. None of those guys are who I want leading me. Who I feel will make the appropriate decision in a crisis.

I truely wish their was a "none of the above" canadiate for federal level elections. This would be a serious vote of convidence. If 30% of the voters said, non of the above, then what is really being said is the canidates are useless and should not be running in the first place. I would rather have noone as president then someone that the people do not want, but because they have money, they can keep themselfs in the media. Remember, if you tell someone something long enough, they will believe you. The congress, senate, and stupid 9 can sustain the country and act as pres until one is elected. If nothing else, the speaker of the house can act as pres until that is accomplished, and the minority leader becomes the speaker until the speaker is relieved. Checks and balances in place. And this keeps the integrity of government of the people by the people.