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The NCGOP goes 0-3 on redistricting lawsuits

Bunch of losers

The nation’s highest court handed down its third decision in three weeks regarding a North Carolina racial gerrymandering case — North Carolina v. Covington. This time, justices affirmed that 28 state House and Senate districts were unconstitutionally racially gerrymandered when Republicans drew new maps in 2011 but sent back to the lower courts a remedial order for special elections to be reconsidered.

There's time for a 2017 election for a new NC General Assembly. Republicans will whine and cry that there's no time - which was, of course, the whole reason for their lawsuit. Burn the clock, keep their illegal super-majority for as long as possible.

Municipal primaries are in September. That's plenty of time of time to put new maps in place. Even for a bunch of losers.