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Haven't had one of these in a while. What's on your mind?



I'm exhausted

Changing homeowners insurance, and the new folks wanted me to fix some things on the house that I can't afford to hire done. My skillz are adequate, but the heat has been brutal...

Important Moral Monday on a Wednesday coming up!

Come next Wednesday June 24th there's going to be a Moral Monday on a Wednesday in Raleigh, the last one currently scheduled this summer for Raleigh.

One of the major themes will be LGBT equality issues in light of the hateful SB2 being passed through the veto garage and the hopeful victory for equality at the Supreme Court in the next week or two.

Check out the facebook event page for it. And if you can be there at or around 5pm at the bicentennial mall area across the street from the front of the legislative building on 16 W. Jones St. on Wednesday the 24th.

The single most powerful thing allies of the LGBT community can do sometimes is say we're here too.