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This post summarizes so well my disgust with Obama

And so many others... Roy Cooper -- looking at you.

After today's announcements by the Comptroller of the Currency and the bank bailout part deux...

Eh.. just read it if you want to know why I am where I am.

Complete credit to Scarecrow at FDL, but here's the summation:

Consistent with this strategy, Obama’s team must silence, neutralize or punish anyone who protests or blows the whistle on the massive criminality and corruption involved. It must also emasculate the left and what’s left of the liberal wing of the Dem Party, using the argument that the Administration is not nearly as awful as the other Party’s people, who openly glorify looting and killing and vilifying the victims.

But of course, when we were ruled by the latter, everyone with any humanity was repulsed by the open looting and killing and indifference and was willing to say so. When the Administration sanctions it, however, we are supposed to bite out tongues, because it could be worse.

Well, it’s worse, and it’s more insidious and corrupting of our souls than where we were four years ago. It is evil.


I thought Tillis was pulling a Jim Black

but it turns out it was really Pat McCrory. If he's this clueless as a candidate, imagine what a McCrory administration would smell like!

It's also Tillis

Tillis' campaign finance report has a good many contributors in the business of "chance", some of them not properly identified. One of them listed only by name as "Lady Regalado" has Address, Occupation, Employer listed simply as "Information Requested". She is also known as Lady Francia Crenshaw, owner of M&L Internet Sweepstakes.

Good times in Kinston

Got to meet one of the Board of Elections members while there who signed the bipartisan petition encouraging the release of HAVA funds, along with seeing many other friendly faces, including Blue NC's own Anthony Hall (who gets credit for the photo as well). Haven't been in Kinston since doing some nonpartisan GOTV training at the Lenoir Council on Aging before the last municipal elections. Though I haven't spent a lot of time in Kinston, it's quickly becoming one of my favorite places in eastern NC.

I was going to post this on the Back to When thread but

didn't want to trivialize that discussion. To answer that question though - it would be back to this :

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?