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Question about the state legislature

Can anyone here answer a question for me?

If a bill passed in one house last session, then it can be taken up in the other house in the short session. Are there any rules about how much the other house can change the bill, or could the other house re-write it entirely?

Obviously, the house that first passed the bill has to concur with the changes, but is there any other limit on how much a bill can be rewritten?

Not totally sure...

This is a "Gerry Cohen" question, don't know if he still lurks around.

The only thing I do know is related to the title of the bill. There's the "short title" of a bill, but then there's the actual title of a bill. And the way the rules are written (at least in the House, may or may not be true in the Senate) is that you cannot change anything in the bill referred to in the actual title of the bill. I don't have my NC House Rules book handy, so I can't quote it exactly. But that's why smart legislators draft bills with titles a ka-billion lines long, more or less describing the bill, so the exact issue you're bringing up cannot occur.

What little I know is, if the title doesn't cover it, then any change can be made.

My understanding is,

just as in the two bodies of the (U.S.) Congress, the two bills must be "reconciled" before one single bill is presented to the Governor. This process of reconciliation is worked out by a select group of legislators from both bodies, and (I think) both political parties are represented, as well.

As far as how much can be changed, each entity can write/pass anything they want, but if they can't be reconciled, the bill(s) don't move to the Executive. But I may be missing some things here, so if anybody reading this knows better, please correct me.

Phil has it right

You can only change it within the confines of the bill title. Most bill titles (the long version not the short version) are pretty specific about the purpose of the bill.

New bills can also be created as long as they affect the budget.

"Keep the Faith"


At there is a list of "Bills Eligible for Consideration for the 2010 Session".

However, bills can be gutted and renamed or bifurcated or killed or rendered ineffective. There are lots of ways to impede a bill. It takes a certain determination to see one passed as intended.


Has two new polls on the NC-Sen race on their homepage. Check em out. We're in much better shape than I expected.

Not entirely sure

about that support President Obama. I'd settle for standing up for constituents, or just not being full of crap.

Why religious doctrine has no place in government

From a commenter at Baptist Planet:

What God has put together, no human should tear asunder. There was a reason for a 9 year old girl to be pregnant. You don’t know and I don’t know what that reason was. It was God’s reason. Maybe her death in childbirth would have made her stepfather stop raping 9 year old girls, maybe it would have saved his soul. The rape and insemination of this girl is a travesty, no doubt. But it happened for a reason.

The mother and those who pushed the girl to have two abortions excommunicated themselves-the archbishop only recognized that they were excommunicated. He’s right, though. He is saying that they’re incapable of representing honest citizens. Regarding denial of communion to active pro-abort politicians, it used to be that people knew when they were in mortal sin, and knew that they should not be receiving communion. Now, most people really don’t know that being out of whack with the Catholic Church means you’re not in communion (communion means community, as in I believe all the Church believes and teaches, and I try to obey all the church believes and teaches), and shouldn’t be receiving. They don’t need a bishop to tell them, they should just do an examination of conscience, which would tell them the same thing-don’t receive.

It all makes perfect sense.

This continues to piss me off

Why is it so important for "certain" people in American society to use the phrase "pro-abortion"????

Take what is presented above by James:

Regarding denial of communion to active pro-abort politicians, it used to be that people knew when they were in mortal sin, and knew that they should not be receiving communion

The issue IS NOT about being pro-abortion or anti-abortion. It's about C H O I C E. God, y'all, how long will it take before people realize this????

Just pisses me off.

Sorry for the rant.

Foxx to sign U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreem

Tomorrow at 2pm, Anthony Foxx, the new mayor of Charlotte will be signing the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement better known as the Kyoto Protocals.

Foxx, who was just sworn in last Monday said all during his campaign that this would be one of the first official duties he would perform.

South of the border

South Carolina is one very fucked up state. If Mark Sanford's dereliction of duty and abject moral failings don't rise to the level of serious misconduct, what does? A blow job in the Oval Office?

God loves lying adulterers but not teh gayz? Go figure.


You're wise beyond your years, James. :)

any state that throw me in jail......

any state that would throw me in jail, not once but twice, is a pretty screwed up state, hehe.

Democracy NC looking for Eastern NC organizer

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested or who might know someone who might be interested. I am board chair for this group so if anyone has questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks

Gray Newman

Work with one of North Carolina's best advocacy organizations. Democracy North Carolina seeks an Organizer to work with citizens in Eastern NC (Greenville, Rocky Mount, Wilson, Tarboro, Northeastern NC counties, etc.) to mobilize and train citizen activists on a range of campaign and election reform issues; work with the media; plan events; supervise and canvass with summer organizers; and build coalitions with local community leaders and organizations. Organizers can expect extensive travel and irregular hours due to the nature of community organizing.

People of color and women are encouraged to apply.

For the full job description, go to
Additional Qualifications:
Please see job description at
How to Apply:
Please send a statement of interest, resume, and the names and phone numbers of three references to Adam Sotak, Democracy North Carolina, 1821 Green St., Durham, NC 27705 or via email to