Ok ,Ok,So what is the worst you can do? Send me to Iraq?

Ok, Ok, Kick me up side da head! You didn't think the old Viper 29 could hide out for long did ya. Drama Queen, Thank you for helping me get my Political Wrongness turned into rightness! It's da new me and I also got 2 new sites to work with. WNC Vet"S For Truth @ http://groups.msn.com/WNCVETsFORTRUTH/homepage
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So why dont I just start things of with a cross post of mine from The Unoffical Heath Shuler Forum.

Let’s talk Taylor for a moment. Yes, I admit it, within the first four years of his term as Congressman for the 11th District he did do some good for vets. But let’s face it, What has he done lately? At this present time according to the GAO and Thomas Library of Congress there are around 180 Veterans Bills stalled out before several Committees. Why isn’t Taylor demanding these to be pushed on thru?

Not once have I personally, Nor has anyone I have talked to seen him publicly come out in support of our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world. Oh he loves to talk “Big” about what he has done for the vet’s and the Asheville VAMC. Charles, Just who are you trying to fool. Somebody that is 110 years old, Blind, Crippled & Crazy can see what has happened! They shut down the Mini Lab on the 1st Floor which handled the flow of patients for Primary Cares 1 & three. This has resulted in vets having to go to the lab in the basement and results in up to one hour waits. They must have thought the Starbuck’s Coffee Bar in that area would heal us!

The staff is overworked and underpaid for what they have to deal with within the hours they have to work. Patients are usually allotted from 15-30 minutes for a follow up with their Doctor. That is barely enough time to say, “Hello, Bend over” and do a rectal exam! Oh, I am sorry Charles, I apologize to you and Taylor supporters everywhere, I forgot all about how there is no way you could understand! YOU ARE NOT A VET! By the way, While more than 58,000 gave their lives in Vietnam, WHERE WERE YOU? Why are we vet’s treated like 2nd class citizens? Why are vets allowed to linger out in the Smokehouse’s dopped up on Morphene and God only knows what else ,in wheel chairs ,slumped over on the verge of being passed out with cigarettes burning holes in their pants leg. Oh, I admit ,they arent there all the time but you can see them. Anyone here ever hear of SOS? Well, They rebuilt the pharmacy, Put a nice new one in ,BUT, SOS, Long waiting periods up to & over a hour. WHY? After approveing it did they call the EMS and temporarly turn away a vet who is a Ex-POW. Oh I admit, You did help with that BUT why cannot the procudure manual be re-written?

At best the Psych program is just 3 hots & a cot most of the time. Why, Is the metal Detector still in Radiology? It needs to be at the front door. WHY? Do some of those of us in wheelchairs, on crutches, canes, Oxygen, etc. have to park all the way over past Mental Health and walk 3/4 to ½
Miles back to the hospital. And I have done this and never once see the shuttle! The point is, and I could go on & on & on, When will this change for the better. Hopefully with the election of Heath Shuler! You know, The funny thing to all of this is, That Hospital would not be there today if not because of Democrat Lady Bird Johnson. It was scheduled to close and SHE got the new hospital built! Her & her alone! Not Charles Taylor. I want to make a bargain with each and every one of you. See, I was adopted and lately, I found out I have relatives on that long black wall in D.C. One of them died at Hamburger Hill in Vietnam! I want you to watch Ollie North’s war stories on Fox Sunday Night. He and survivors go back there. Then after seeing that, I want you to think about us veterans! Then you tell me if Charles Taylor deserves four more years.