OK, Its done!

New Blog to use to endorse NC Canadates and vets Issues!


Those of you who have my e-mail please send all ideas!


Dan, it's a beautiful site

I really like your style. And the post reminded me of one of my neices. She's adopted, she was born and lived in North Viet Nam until the age of 11. She must look a certain way because one time, at a festival in rural Virginia, an older white man walked by and said, "VC" like the ugliest bigot would say the N-word (or even worse).

She asked her dad, "What's VC?" And, wanting to protect her, my brother-in-law kind of glossed over it. But I wanted her to know, so I tried to explain the war. In the eyes of an innocent, beautiful 12-year-old, who fondly remembered her homeland yet also deeply appreciated her newly adopted country, nothing I said made any sense at all.

Nice Job Daniel

The only suggestion I could give is to make sure you break up your paragraphs with a double space.

Like so. It makes it easier to read. Great look and perfect background for the content.

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