Oh joy

Just what I've always wanted. Two privileged frat-boys representing me in the US Senate. No matter what happens, this election reminds me that we sure do live in one fucked-up state. Seriously.



A lot of friends are talking about leaving NC

and in the past I've said the same thing. But the hard truth is, the rest of the country is about as fucked up as North Carolina is. Just look at the US Senate right now. We're surrounded by idiots and assholes, there's no denying that sad fact.

The only saving grace is that nothing will really change in Congress. The US Senate hasn't done anything of any value in years, and there's no chance it will do so over the next 24 months either. So we won't slide backwards ... but we won't move forward either. And in the meantime, the R's will have all the rope they need to remind America how petty and greedy they are. Then in 2016, when a shitload of R seats are in play, the pendulum will start swinging back again.

I'm inclined to check out for a while, but I always say that after a rough election. We'll see.


PS I honestly can't think of any human being who is less suitable for serve as a US Senator than Thom Tillis. Makes me want to puke.


As I enter middle age and think seriously about retirement, there's quite a few questions I'm asking myself about what I'll be doing and where I'll be the rest of my life.

Will my home - my big investment - go down in value because no one wants to move to my county and send their kids to our lousy underfunded schools?

Will I be able to get adequate professional healthcare anywhere outside the big urban areas of NC? Will the rural hospital in the town I was thinking about retiring in survive?

Will my retirement tank in the next decade with a bunch of crazies acting like children in DC? Will my taxes go up, making it harder for me to survive on retirement income?

As NC's economy tanks as part of the Republican "revolution", will petty and violent crime spread more in rural and suburban areas? Will some parts of NC start looking like the Rustbelt or Detroit?

Will I able able to afford an Internet connection with the sweetheart deals the legislature is cutting so that Time Warner and other big players don't have cheaper, faster competition?

Will I be able to go into a restaurant and not hear someone at the next table railing against Blacks or gays? Will my partner and I be able to go into a business and not be refused service because we're gay?

Can I live in a place where people are positive, looking towards the future and building a better community? Or will I be in a place that's full of fear and hate and everyone's locked up in their own house, afraid ebola, illegals, or Blacks?

North Carolina's not shaping up to be the place I want to spend the rest of my life.

And, by the way ...

This election, at least here in NC and other battleground states with Koch money pouring in, wasn't about issues.

The main theme the Republicans ran on was Obama.

Thom Tillis didn't win on a platform of what he'll do for North Carolina. He won on fear and resentment of a Black president.

That's _all_ this election was about.

I hope you're right

Worrisome on the confirming of federal judges function of the Senate, though.

Big score for dark money.

We spent a lot of time at the polls...

And the result felt WRONG based on what I'd seen with my own lying eyes. But I checked the stats -
Early vote - felt like Ds were winning - and we DID win EV in our county
Election day - the city precinct we were working felt like we were winning - and Ds DID win and win very well in that precinct
So - my perception was correct but alas I was not everywhere.

The county precincts were slammed by Rs on Tuesday.
A co-volunteer showed me the vote shaming flyer that was sent out and I suspect that may have played a big part in driving turnout. It would also explain the difference the mood of the two groups -- the Ds were happy and hopeful. The Rs that I saw late in early vote were resentful and afraid.

Before the finger-pointing begins,

to try to shift the blame for the election losses onto a specific wing of the party, or the party leadership itself, or organizations that collected/spent money on their own without coordinating, or any other tempting scapegoat, keep this in mind:

NC's voting public was exposed to a ton of information on how bad Republicans have managed our state, from the teacher issues to the coal ash spill and all points in-between. And I'm not just talking about the barrage of negative television ads, either. Mainstream news outlets have done (imo) an outstanding job of placing these issues in the public's eye, moreso than any other election season in my memory.

If the failure lies anywhere, it lies in the laps of the people themselves. As long as they are unable to grasp the difference between Faux News and real news, imaginary threats vs real threats, biblical "evil" and say-anything politicians, this is the kind of election result we can expect.

My theory on the overwhelming ignorance

of a majority of North Carolinians has been proven correct.

"No matter what happens, this election reminds me that we sure do live in one fucked-up state. Seriously."

I truly could not have said it any better. A state full of paranoid, bunker mentality, racist, backward, ignorant, homophobes masking their identities as intelligent and upstanding voting citizens.

R stands for rube.

We are Screw?

" I want to leave North Carolina"*James

So do a lot of folks want to after last night rigged E-Tron control chips systems in your Voting machines.. It's going to get worst as the Repubs pushed their War Machine and the military industrial complex to full power..It's time to fight if you want freedom like the citizens Eastern Ukraine..The good news is the Dollar is headed South Big and those psycho paths on Wall Street know it..It's just a matter of time..

That's a noun.

But yes, we are screw.

Since NC is traveling back in time ...

... the proper term would be the Late Middle English "We art screw'd".

I can has


-- Thom Tillis

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Take a long, long, long view

The ass kicking we got yesterday, and leading up to yesterday, is a function of some number of things. Primarily, NO ONE can enumerate the money spent for the past 6 years vilifying Obama, and I know much of it was racist. But, certainly it ranged into the many billions of dollars. Second, the results remind us, or should of the fascist christian taliban which infests NC and is the backbone of the GOP and Teabilly politics. Democrats do not have people who are sure that winning the election is a validation of their religious beliefs and who are viciously driven to win at all costs, because "Gawd told 'em so". Which is a reflection of the education in this state, which has not been driven to keep up with what is really going on, by either party, despite the carping and caviling by Jim Hunt and others.

So, take a longer view of (1) media impacts, (2) money impacts, (3) social issues and (4) religious fanaticism as they affect things. It is a long, long road which has no turning. Meanwhile, beware the charlatans and political consultants and pundits who arise with ironclad logic and expensive but useless solutions.

The Democrats have to (1) identify what they can do for independents, (2) conduct full time, 24/7 GOTV and (3) bring more people into the party. The money arrayed against Democrats mean that our only recourse is people working full time. And, too many Democrats have been infected by money, leaving us with a cadre of rich folks who want to run things, if they are allowed to do so, to the exclusion of the county parties.



Agreed on the long view, but...

...we also need to hurry up and mobilize people right now, because it's a good bet that the GOP is plotting some really scary stuff in the short term, namely:

  1. Impeach Obama
  2. Steal the presidency and ensure control of all branches of government for the foreseeable future

(my previous long essay details the latter)

Now that they know that they can buy the government and turn it into a tool for the benefit of the 1%, they won't compete in the old ways, by trying to win hearts and minds through policies and accomplishments. No, these power-mad, self-centered elitists will now rush headlong into previously unthinkable efforts to cement and sustain their power -- voter suppression, electoral college overhaul and rewriting the Constitution. And unless they're stopped soon, they can do so with the support only of their rabid, ignorant minority base.

So we need to take the long view, but if we don't get the majority to rise up and fight tooth and nail in the short term, then it just might not matter.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014


the extremists now firmly running the show will be aided and abetted by lily-livered Dem's desperate for election/re-election in 2016. Wait and see.


"Let's not be too rough on our own ignorance; it's what makes America great!" - Frank Zappa (6/29/1988)

As someone said on Facebook

The jury is in. People trust Republicans to be more like Republicans than they trust Democrats to be like Republicans.

Yep, and I'm still getting

e-mails from DSCC, House Majority, Keith Ellison(?), and a few other political orgs that apparently purchased (or were given) my contact information. But at least the "Greatest Tragedy Ever!" e-mails have stopped...