Nothing For America's Poor Children--Billions for North Korea?

Yes, apparently that is what our great pResident believes, at least today. His veto of the very bi-partisanly passed childrens insurance program increase on the very same day the US agreed to assume the cost of N. Korea's (most likely failed) nuclear program reaches new lows even for this administration.

That and removing North Korea from the State-Sponsored Terror list. Wow. Did they stop? Or did the US just admit that list is only a club to beat people the administration does not like?

It appears that Georgie Bush does not like America's uninsured children, will they take North Korea's place on the terror sponsor list?


Rec'd. There are a number of stories about SCHIP

But, the juxtaposition is astounding.
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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Me too.

Recommended, that is.

I appreciate you saying that because it's something we really should put more into practice.

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It actually goes much deeper relative to costs $$

In order to make certain promises and assurances of aid to North Korea, we have to make certain promises and aid overtures to the South as well in order to get their "Okay" on whatever we agree to with the North. That is additional Billions!

Marshall Adame
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