N&O's Rick Martinez Shills for Puppetmaster. Again.

You'd think the N&O could find an independent columnist who didn't dance to the tune of Art Pope, But alas, the strings that control Rick Martinez are completely visible for all to see. His recent column is nothing more than a rewrite of the latest John Locke Foundation "report" on smart growth, which, itself, is a bad rehashing of propaganda put out by the right wing American Dream Coalition of builders, contractors and slum lords. Here's an excerpt:

The problem with Smart Growth is that it's nostalgia-based. It harkens back to a time when people could work, shop, live and worship in the same neighborhood. That model worked well 100 years ago, before the emergence of the car, but it's ill-suited to a society where personal space often trumps community.

Nostalgia based? Ya mean like 99% of the crap that spews from his newspaper column? This is typical of the hypocrisy of Pope's Puppets as they march toward recreating North Carolina to fit their own free-market fantasies. The fact is, these people hate planning and they hate government and they'll do anything they can to stack the deck in favor of business, no matter how much damage it does to the environment and the common good.

You know of course, that Rick Martinez is married to Donna Martinez, who is an official employee of the Puppetmaster and the John Locke Foundation. JLF produces a "report" and a few weeks later, it shows up as a column in the News and Observer! What a coincidence!

It must be nice to have your wife feeding you talking points and doing your research. If the N&O had any integrity, it would fire this @$$hole. Dream on.


If nothing else, the relationship should

be disclosed at the top of the column. Martinez should run a disclaimer every single time he writes about anything that comes from his wife's employer. It's dishonest to do otherwise.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

If Martinez

were to disclaim all his dishonesty, he'd have no room to write anything else.