North Carolina Getting Trashed

12 million plus pounds of litter were picked up off of North Carolina roadways in 2005. The N&O has a story on it here:

Last year, prison inmates and state highway workers removed 10.2 million pounds of litter from state roadways, at a taxpayer cost of $16.3 million -- up from 2004.

Private cleanup efforts netted almost 2 million pounds more in 2005.

I participated in the Neuse River Clean-Up a couple of weeks ago and lifted a whole canoe full of litter out of a three mile stretch on the Neuse and was followed by five other canoes filled to the top as well. On my way back from the event, I saw a woman throw a cigarette butt out of her window, and I almost went ballistic. I was so pissed that I spent all of my time cleaning up trash and had to watch someone litter in plain sight.

As the DOT man says:

"If we smoke or drink something in our house, we don't throw the trash on the living room floor," said George Kapetanakis, 58, the transportation department's litter programs coordinator. "We need people to make a cultural change and say: 'Hey I don't have to throw this out of the car. I can hang onto it until I get home.' "


I'd love to see an analysis of littering

by political orientation. My guess is that conservatives lean toward trashing all over the environment with the expectation that someone else will have to clean it up.

Sort of like the Bushman and Iraq.

When they do it, it isn't called littering.

It's an expression of their god-given right to not have lib'ruls tell there where their coke cans ought to be. If the stuff sits on the ground and becomes "trash," it's only because of a failure in the trash-pickup market which is a natural result of the society of entitlement created by tax-and-spend leftists.

I told my wife...

that when I grew up, after the McDonald's stop on the way home my Dad would chunk the bag out the window. One day my Mom made him stop.

He's a country Republican, she's a country Democrat.

Take it for what it's worth

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.