North Carolina Democratic Party SEC Meeting Open Thread

The meeting is about to start. The atmosphere is festive for the most part with what seems like a large number of people wearing Patsy Keever stickers. Before the meeting started we enjoyed a patriotic sing-a-long led by NCDP Secretary Melvin Williams.

Colors have been presented and a convocation has been delivered.

Aaaaaand...we're off!

Update #1

The agenda does not have a list of speakers, so I do not have names and am very sorry. David Parker is giving a unity speech. He is also asking for people to give $10 each month and to find other donors in their county to give $10 each month. Nice speech...the revival starts now.

Update #2

Randy Voller has given his last speech as chair and has called on those who were withholding donations until after he was gone to show up on Monday with a check. (and they need to as we are flat broke)

Casey Mann is up - is telling a story about being unaffiliated in December 2012 and changing to Dem after speaking with Voller. She ran his campaign for chair. She says she is not fancy or the daughter of a donor, she is a single mother. She stands before us with sadness and relief. She has offered her resignation and offers her 30 day notice.

Update #3

Treasurer's report..well..this one is easy. We're broke. Word is, Randy tried to convince the Executive Council to approve an emergency $200k unsecured loan. We still do not know if they approved it. We will start the month of February with just a small amount of money in our bank account and we are all going to have to chip in immediately. State Auditor Beth Wood said the financial report delivered to her was very thorough.

Budget passes with an additional amendment to purchase recording equipment for Council of Review hearings.

Ron Sanyal has been nominated for chair

Ron is a very cheerful man and he does have a big heart. He volunteers as a soccer coach. He moved her 40 years ago from India. He often ends his messages with God Bless You. His wife came to the US as an arranged marriage and started as a temp and is now a vice president of BB&T.

Janice Covington Allison

Janice was nominated by a young man Ty Turner? I need to find that out...but he did a wonderful job introducing Janice speaking to her courage. Janice also did a wonderful job speaking to her many years of experience volunteering for campaigns

Patsy Keever

Three rousing nominating speeches introduced Patsy Keever who gave a motivating speech about taking a 100 county approach, finding the right candidates, and making sure we run candidates in every race. Her speech was well received by most everyone in the room.

Marshall Adame

Marshall had two nominating speeches and then gave a rousing speech, almost yelling at times, but certainly showing a great deal of passion. He was joined on stage by George Fisher who has spent most of his time tearing down Patsy Keever.

Very surprised to see Marshall still affiliating with the men who had the insulting conversation about the YD. One was up on stage with him. His plea to not exploit his friend rings shallow and I am very disappointed in him.

Constance L. Johnson

Connie nominated herself and took her full 10 minutes speaking about teaching younger generations the political process.

It is time to Whip Your Votes!

Update #4

We are on to amendments while the votes are counted.

The amendment adding gender identity to the preamble of the NCDP has passed!

Patsy won with an overwhelming majority on the first ballot.



LGBT Dems pre-SEC meeting

When I saw that many cars with bumper stickers I knew I was in the right place for the LGBT Dems meeting before the SEC meeting. With anti-discrimination ordinances being passed by municipalities around the state, the legislature considering 2 pro-discrimination bills, and the Supreme Court taking up the marriage equality issue in a big way, this is an important year to be active, especially as we lay a foundation for the 2016 election year.

Hi Jake!

Isn't it wonderful being among friends - people who share our beliefs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

It certainly is!

The amendment adding gender identity to the preamble of the NCDP has passed!

And thanks for sharing that news. As someone who isn't on the SEC (never held a position higher than a few years as a precinct vice chair unless you DNC convention delegate) I left after the LGBT Dems meeting was over. I'm really happy to hear that news though, and to have gotten it here.

Yes...if anyone thinks

The ugliness is going to end after this election, you are sadly mistaken

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thank you, Betsy!

Betsy, you're doing a great job keeping the rest of us outside this SEC meeting fully updated. Please continue. Great coverage with excellent detail.

Thank you, Catherine!

Glad you are enjoying it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Patsy Keever handily won the

Patsy Keever handily won the election for Chair. Zack Hawkins elected 1st vice chair by acclamation.

I Hope That...

....they refuse Casey's resignation. I met her when she was working with Greer Beaty to try to build the party in Cary 6-8 years ago and have admired her enthusiasm and work ethic ever since.

I'm happy Patsy won but I hope she doesn't kick Casey out simply for the sake of cleaning house.