North Carolina Democratic Party fails to renew domain name

The North Carolina Democratic Party has either forgotten to renew the party's domain name, has decided to change the domain name, or has decided to shut the site down. Either way, earlier this evening searches for information on NCDP's website returned errors. Party email accounts linked to the domain are also down.

Candidates, volunteers, and party members rely on the site for election information, party documents, and as a means to stay connected. It is hard to believe the party would let this happen in the heat of an important election year.



Based on what I have read,

I'm not surprised. While I could go into a long diatribe, I'll hold my thoughts for now. Once people decide to grow up and stop acting like high school sweethearts, things………… may……….. change. Frankly, it's filthy stupid.

Be cool

It was someone else's fault, and it will be fixed Real Soon Now.

Dan Besse

It is always someone else's fault

that is the real problem with the NCDP

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

short-term memory loss....

I guess many of the folks taking shots at Randy about this issue forget that many years ago, NCDP had a different domain name that they lost because some techie at Goodwin House put everything in his name and decided that he didn't have to turn over the login ID and passwords once he was no longer employed there.

I never heard the whole story, but I always wondered WHY NCDP under Chairman David Young didn't just come right out and say what happened and why - and then hold that person accountable.

I've asked that person for his side of the story over the years, and while he's told me there is a perfectly acceptable reason for that happening, he never told me what that reason actually was. I've grown tired of waiting for his side of the story, and the other parties are long gone.

I read on FB that it wasn't just that the bill wasn't paid. Whatever the reason is - I call for full disclosure and improving of the business practices at NCDP so that it doesn't happen again.

Re Dempey - he placed an ad last Fall calling for resumes to be submitted for an office administrator. He extended the deadline once, and still never hired anyone for that position. Along with his booking the Raleigh Civic Center for the NCDP Convention over high school graduation weekend and failing to schedule the SEC meeting, and his failure to set up the recurring small dollar donor program which would provide more money to run NCDP after being split with the House and Senate Caucuses (who still haven't paid back the $25K that each group borrowed from the District Chairs), one wonders what other land mines are left hidden....

Years ago, a former ED stuck NCDP with an expensive long-term contract for the Grove Park Inn to be used as the site of the Vance-Aycock Dinner (or whatever they call it now). So don't ever underestimate the power of an ED to leave us wondering why some things happen that shouldn't happen, or vice versa.

But I do call for full disclosure for what happened to the website. It's not enough to know that it will be up and running. I want to know why it went down in the first place, and what is being done to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting


This one's gonna leave a mark.

For the record, despite my commie, liberal leanings, I do think there a lot of value in running any organization in a business-like manner. That's clearly not happening at the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Time to reboot.

Reboot to What

James: Apparently something or someone took down the site! Betsy could not wait to wrongly make an issue of it. You certainly work to make sure that the people who hate Randy get charge of things, but they have done the serious damage to the Democrats this last year and a half. And, they people now running the dissident elements have intentionally, deliberately steered money from the Party and to themselves, helped Hagan move her campaign from NCDP where such have always been and poisoned the well at the DNC and other places.

Whatever happened to the website was NOT some mishap or mismanagement. And, phones, servers and Votebuilder (only in NC) went off line. Hmmmmmm. Coincidence. Perhaps not. But, lets not let that keep anyone from rush to judgment.



Bill.....just because you do not understand domain registrations

does not make the rest of us ignorant of how this whole internet/domain name thing works. All of my sites and my clients' sites are on automatic renewal so this very thing doesn't happen.The proof was written all over the Whois lookups. The website was not taken down. The domain name registration expired. Take off your tinfoil hat. This wasn't some huge conspiracy. Now if you look up Whois you will see Casey Mann listed as admin and tech contact. Before the change was made the admin and tech were an email address.

Stop trying to turn this into some vast conspiracy. Somebody dropped the ball at NCDP and didn't pay attention to a detail they should have. The timing was bad and it could have been worse. That is all I made of the story. You would be wise to leave it at that instead of blowing it into some big mystery.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

It's back up.

The domain is pointing back to the right place. DNS changes take a while to propagate across the internet.

Well, Betsy got her licks

Go ahead and beat up Voller again Betsy. Madame Lafarge knitting before the tumbrels.



How is reporting a fact getting licks in?

melodramatic much?

If you don't like what the facts say about Voller, then address that with him, not me.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

You seemed fairly gleeful

The facts you cite say nothing about Voller, only a reflection of your own problems. Why don't you speak to him?



Those two paragraphs were pretty

straightforward. Your delusions of my glee are grossly exaggerated.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

What has happened - from Inside

A series of problems with computers, websites, phone systems and Votebuilder have occurred in last week, according to folks inside NCDP.

In the last week the NCDP has had issues at HQ with its phone system, a server, and the website. Coincidences? In addition, Votebuilder was offline for a period of time for North Carolina and only North Carolina.

It has not been determined what occurred. Management and staff are working with the ISP and technical support
to resolve problems.

Management and staff expect more challenges as election days near and will overcome them asap.

The rush to judgment by some was unwarranted, part of the "I hate Voller" syndrome. And no, it has nothing to do
with unpaid bills, as some apparently wish. Sorry folks. Sometimes a sausage is just a sausage!



To Betsey Muse, Buck Wilde, Beth Ostgaard et al...

We have an election coming up, and we have an opponent, it is the GOP. Y'all need to remember that, and get to work on it.

There is a meeting scheduled, in November, after the election.

I am a blogger

I report things that happen. I sometimes offer my opinion. You may decide what to write on your own blog, but at BlueNC I get to write on topics of my choosing.

Thank you.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Ready, fire, aim...


I suppose by definition that we are all "bloggers" if we are posting on BlueNC. You claim that you "report things that happen" and offer "your opinion". So since you wrote with such elan that the "NCDP has either forgotten to renew the party's domain name, has decided to change the domain name, or has decided to shut the site down" when in fact it is apparent that you had no proof that any of this was true are you going to apologize? And if you care so much, wouldn't it have made sense for you to offer help before a rusty blade? Whose side are you on anyway? Blue? Red? or your own?

Knock it off

You go after Betsy like jumping on snakes, and then complain that no one's focused on the real issues. You can't have it both ways.

In my experience, here's how it works in the blogosphere. Stuff gets reported and eventually the truth finds its way to the top. End of story, except when the story is kept alive by constant niggling and name calling.

Betsy works her ass off to keep BlueNC running, and is a tireless worker on the ground in Union County. She has opinions, as we all do, and expresses them freely. If you don't like them, disagree with her. If you want an apology, feel free to ask for one.

But knock off the name calling and related bullshit.


I have proof

The domain was not renewed. Whois documented it for all to see. Are you saying the domain was intentionally not renewed?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I find your screen name amusing

EJ Smith, I have been doing my part and then some.

Had an event for the judges, one for Kay Hagan, and working with all the local candidates here. I do things on the district level as well.
I devote alot of time, effort and treasure to the Democratic party.

As an SEC member, I asked some questions that people don't seem to want to answer.

You have a right to your opinion, but so do I.

As for your screen name, what I find amusing, is EJ Smith was Captain of the Titanic.

You trying to tell us something?

Another Smith in the world? You kidding me?


It is my family name. Really.

When I was a kid, there were two men who lived on my street with the same first name and middle initial, my father and a total stranger, and the last name Smith.

Go figure, another Smith. Amazed, I truly am.

Golly day, Virgina

Oh, golly, Virginia. I have not heard much from you these days. Beating up Betsy for reporting a fact. Hummmm, what would you like in return? An apology for the ineptitude of our Party leadership. You would be amazed at what folks are doing out there outside the party. We walk, and call, talk and donate...some folks just whine about others. Do not question loyalty as you I am afraid that you are blind. Hold it together folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

knows sign language

You mean Ellen's Finger?

Yes, that was classy. Too bad James does not allow such postings.

People are still talking about that.

10 fingers needed for fingerspelling

Virginia, dear, what on earth are you talking about? Do you speak of the hundreds of pictures you took of ES at the event because there was nothing else to shoot and are you a professional photographer? You lost classy a long time ago with your innuendo and paranoia. I have know Ellen for years and she can out perform anyone I know. We wish to be that good, yes?
By the way, I am in the interpreter program in Charlotte, hence the "knows sign language" comment...shheezzz, you step right into that one. Golly day.

knows sign language

For what it's worth

It appears the website is down again. Although it was reported to be up in the triangle early this morning, it did not come back online until this afternoon on the coast. But now it is down again.

Since when has the SEC meeting been scheduled? Certainly no notices have been sent to me and I am a SEC member.

A prompt straightforward email from the ED or the Chairman first thing this morning would have nipped "WebGATE" in the bud...but noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, once again, they only send out their gargoyles to attack those of us who question if anyone is at home at the Goodwin House....guess not.

And some folks on here really need to recycle that tin foil hat already..whatcha think? who dunnit, huh huh? Ya think the GOP hacked the server? Or maye it was those wayward Democrats who you seem to like to whine about...yea that's it....they have nothing better to do than hack the party website and shut it all down just to make Voller and his ilk look like idjuts....yea that's it..Hagan done it!!

Gimme a freaking break.

Silence is Betrayal

Grow Up!

The inter party bickering and finger pointing is a huge turn off to those who are not diehard political junkies, and is a distraction to those who want to find solutions to the damage done by the extreme right. Transparency is key to any organization, but the childish antics by those on both sides is ridiculous.

Good to see you out and about!

Congratulations on your engagement! I'm really happy for you.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.