N&O goes nucular

Sometimes I wish everybody had to swear to some version of the Hippocratic Oath in order to get a license for breathing. I mean really, wouldn't it be peachy if each of our words and actions aligned with this? First do no harm. Here's a case in point. Shilling today for the nucular power industry, Steve Ford and the News and Observer have this to say:

When the ice caps begin to melt, it may be too late. Meanwhile, it is encouraging to see a company such as Progress Energy formulate a strategy that makes it a participant in the effort to combat global warming. That strategy could be good for business, and should be good for the environment as well if the expanded nuclear option can be pursued safely.

When this ice caps begin to melt? What planet are these f*cking people living on?


Go read the pathetic editorial. And see if you can count how many times the word "conservation" is used. Don't worry, you only have to be able to count to zero.


Just to be clear, I'm absolutely willing to consider the possibility that more nucular plants may be required . . . AFTER we've made conservation a national policy and invested heavily in alternative sources. Until that's done, the case for nucular simply can't be honestly made.