Nifong and Monks

It's old news that Mike Nifong's handling of the Duke lacrosse case has ensured that he'll have challengers in November. You probably also know that the Republican candidate-to-probably-be, Steve Monks, has no experience as a prosecutor and hasn't ever run for elected office. (I don't know much about the other Democrat, who is planning to run as a write-in). What you probably don't know—what I think that nobody knows—is what problem Monks has with Nifong outside of the lacrosse case.

I was just skimming through the articles that came up in a Google News search ("steve monks" durham), and it really does seem to me Nifong will be defending his seat based entirely on his handling of media relations at the outset of the Duke LAX prosecution. Watch what you say to the press, folks.

Does anyone know of anything I'm missing here? That is, are there any other strikes against Nifong?


That's my take too.


Why do you hate hard working

Why do you hate hard working wealthy people?

The campaign is all about the Duke case

and how Nifong has handled it.

No Republicans filed for the seat originally, so the Democratic primary was viewed as the deciding election until this write-in stuff came up. Durham is the bluest county in NC and Republicans stand almost no chance of being elected here. I don't know much about election law, but I don't understand how the Republicans could have no candidates for the primary, and now decide to run someone almost 2 months after the primary.

The Democratic primary included 3 candidates: Nifong, Freda Black - a former assistant DA who Nifong fired soon after he was appointed DA last year, and a 3rd attorney with no experience as a prosecutor. In the primary, Black's slogan was "Tough, but Fair," whatever that means. There was nothing solid to sink your teeth into with the campaign. Nifong campaigned on his 26 years experience in the DA's office, and Black campaigned or her 12 years of similar experience. Only when the Duke case blew up was there something Black could point to as a mistake by Nifong. It was not enough to convince voters in the primary to change DAs.

As for the new opponent on the Dem side, Lewis Cheek is a County Commissioner and former City Council member. He does a good job as a County Commissioner - I would like to see him stay there. Like Monks, he has no experience as a prosecuter either. In an odd, back-stabbing kind of twist, Nifong's campaign manager quit and is managing Cheek's campaign.

Both Cheek and Monks are trying to gather 6,500 signatures in order to get their names on the ballot. They only have until June 30th to do so, and there is a chance neither one will make it.

The write-in route is also a possibility - only 100 signatures is needed for that. The Duke case is not scheduled for trial until next spring, so the case will still be lingering at election time.

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Why are you like a gulag?

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