For the next 2 days I will be scarce! But Remember!

I can Just hear Lance & Robert now! WHOOPIEE! Dan is on a reduced scheduled over the next 2 days, finally some peace & quiet! hahahahaha!

No, I have to be at the vets office early in the morning. They are comming to put my phones & I-net connect in and they didnt give me a time. Wasnt that nice! Then Tuesday i will be a pricecent official in the election which means I will spend tommorow going thru & thru my manual makeing sure I know it word for word should something arise. I will try to drop by tommorow afternoon if possible.

But, I just wanted to leave all of you with this to be thinking about! We, Here at BlueNC are more than just mere bloggers & writers! We are friends, We are a family, We are the can do crowd! We dont quit,or leave one behind. So come Tuesday morning, Remember that! Remember we are all in the booth together as one strong unified voice! We have the power to make this election turn out the way we want it too!Dont ever forget, We are Progressive Democrats! We are the strongest force on earth if we want to be! We will make a difference on Tuesday! Good Luck to each of you , all my best, and remember I support your decisions and respect al of ya! So do good!



For your last paragraph, of course, not your first. :)

Dan, I'll be away Tuesday too...

I predict lots of Democratic victories tomorrow...whataya think? hehehe :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.