Newt blows

Just what the Newt Gingrich’s GOP campaign for president didn’t need. First reported by

Gingrich, who represented Georgia in Congress for two decades, retired in 1999. But his wife, Callista Gingrich, was employed by the House Agriculture Committee until 2007, according to public records. She listed a “revolving charge account” at Tiffany and Company.


Newt makes No-Fly Rapture List?

Breaking News On Newt Campaign..........

A Spokensperson for the Campaign said today they were disappointed with Newt being left off the No-fly Republican Rapture List that is to occured this coming Saturday. However, The Spokensperson said the good news is that Newt previous 2 ex wifes were not on the list and is expected to make the Rapture Trip tomorrow to the Republican Paradise where they will not be involved the Campaign..When press how the Campaign knew of this event and Newt being on the list. The Spokensperson said that the Devil was able to plant a whistleblower in the Rapture movement and release the secret list to Devilleaks......