New York 26 results! Democrat wins! Massive upset!

A e-mail from my friend Jack Dawsey

Many years ago, (in my first life...ha!...ha!) I was stationed in the Air Force in upstate NY, the 26th congressional district. That particular congressional district is similar to the old south's KKK and John Birch Society culture. So much in fact that only 4 democrats have held that congressional seat since 1857.

Tonight, that 26th District (in a special election to replace the Republican sex pervert that plastered his naked pictures over Craigslist), chose a Democrat. They chose a Democrat, only the 5th in 154-years, over a bat-shit crazy Republican. They chose the Democrat because the new Republican candidate vowed to support the Paul Ryan budget to eliminate Medicare.

What does this mean? Well, for one thing, watch the reactions of the Republicans in Congress, including the US Senate next week. They are going to run like a rabbit away from Paul Ryan and the other 185 Republican house members that supported the Ryan budget last month.

Whatever one may say or think about our own Walter B Jones, at least he had political sense and savvy to oppose Paul Ryan when Ryan and his colleagues pushed their stupid button to eliminate Medicare (under the pretext to "save" it).



This is good news

Time for Democrats nationwide at every level to vigorously attack the radical republicans, Guv Bev would do well to come out today with James's speech.


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Don't hold your breath

That would mean she would actually make a stand. It is unfortunate that she is the last line of defense for our great state.