New Voting Machines are Ready to Roll

Early voters have spoken and it appears the new voting machines are a hit, at least in Mecklenburg County. The Charlotte Observer has a story today explaining how most of the machines will work in North Carolina.

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While it isn't overly exciting news now that the fury over Diebold has settled, it is a nervous time for county elections officials across the state as they rushed to order the machines and get their employees and volunteers trained on their use.

Gary Bartlett, executive director of the state Board of Elections, said the delivery and installation of the new machines has gone "as smoothly as a 100-county rollout can be."

Of course, the true test will be Tuesday's election. Consumers in many counties will see machines that look different than what they are used to, and poll workers must be knowledgeable enough to help.

Reports are that early voting went fine and the voters liked the machines. I personally don't like to see low turnout, but that could certainly help on Tuesday as every single county in the state has new equipment. According to the Observer quoting state officials, 75 counties ordered optical scan equipment and 25 ordered touch screen. Some have both and will use one type of machine for early voting and one for election day.

For those of you who voted early, what type of machine did your county use? For those of you voting on Tuesday, report back and let us know how it goes.


Sorry, but this was a snore

After all the controversy before the machines were ordered, I felt this deserved some attention, but it sounds like all is working well. The article was long, but was a bit boring. I hope it's still boring after Tuesday. It would be nice to see everything work as it should.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


had a little frenzy when I voted last week. A kid accidentally hit one of the buttons on the front of the machine and it locked down, then shut down. A few minutes later it was up and running again, but it wasn't terribly reassuring.

Oh No...

Maybe they need to block off any buttons...just put something in front of them to keep little fingers off the machine. I will vote early in November, but gonna vote on election day tomorrow.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.