New Look!, New Name, and I will need your support

Ok, Southern Dem settled my internal debate! Why screw with a good thing! All this time I have been going around and around trying to figure out how to endorse our Dem Canadates. I takeing my old vets blog, The North State Veterans Advocate ,Renameing it to The New North State Veterans Advocate and will put a whole new look on it. The by line will be To preserve Freedom,Promote Democratic issues, and Honor our North State  Veterans. Send me your ideas for things, I am open minded. I already been in touch with Shuler & Kissells camp. Tell me who you want endorsed and I will do the home work. I have to go do my thing at the veterans service office today but I will be back tonight!


DQ-This means You too!!!!!!!!!!!

DQ, I need your ideas also! You are good at this!

Hi Dan. Sorry I'm lame but

I just couldn't get to the computer the last coupla days due to sleep deprivation, way way way behind in work, doing some taylor research AND I have a ton of guests coming this month . . . but when I get a chance to think about all of this. Are you in a hurry????

If you give me a couple of days, I'll really think about it. I saw you on the chat room night before last but I still can't get in . . .


Hang in there. Don't get too low on sleep. You were busting your fanny before the primary. We miss seeing you here as often, but I figured you were easing off for a few to catch up.

I saw at Talking Points Memo that the Watergate Hotel had received subpoenas for their records. This is when we need someone to leak a name...any name...but especially Charles Taylor! It would be interesting to see if he has written off any expenses at The Watergate. I guess that would be a little too convenient.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I keep stopping myself from hoping

that chuckie is one of them. It's just way too good to be true. I've heard rumors that his marriage has been a sham for years. Don't know but he does appear to be the kind of guy who would have to pay (or barter) for it, don't you think?

Also, there's some long-running Republican scandals of boy prostitution rings that have been covered up. Look up Johnny Gosch some time. And Boy's Town. I bought the book. Even though a lot of it is has no evidence other than the mother, there's an awful lot that has back-up and witnesses . . .