New Feature - Take Action!

There's a new link on your left sidebar in the "Quick Links" section: "take action!" It points to a page that contains all the links you'll need to send email to our elected representatives at the state and federal levels, and to quickly and easily send letters to the editor to a number of papers without ever leaving BlueNC. Try it out!

More info for bloggers below the fold.

There are a few handy links you can remember and insert into your blog posts that will make it easy for your readers to follow-up on the stories you tell. First, there's the link to the take action page: - easy enough to remember. The following three links point to web forms where readers can contact state senators and representatives, and write letters to the editor respectively:

Including these links can mean that action is one click away!


Awesome new resource, Lance!

Best I've ever seen for getting things done. Very great work.

Great coverage

Much more potential to talk to anyone in North Carolina politics than anywhere else.

Lance I took a peek

but I didn't have time to send out a letter today. I will do something tomorrow. I'm going to send something to our Dems about this fundraiser...just to warn them not to try the same if nothing else.

Sorry again about forgetting to link here in my dKos article. I submitted to Eschaton and did ask him to give BlueNC a nod if he printed anything.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Don't apologize. I haven't even begun to express my appreciation for the quality of material you've been good enough to post on BlueNC. If you apologize for leaving out a link, I might have to get all uncomfortable. :)


OK...but I promise I will not forget next time....(if there is one)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.