New Bain Attack Ad Against Mitt Romney to Air in Florida

One of the key issues framing the Republican primary race and one that will certainly be highlighted during the general election if Romney were to get that far is his role in Bain Capital.

The media lesson to be learned is that you must get out in front of issues that can hurt your reputation before your enemies, opponents, and in the world of business, your competitors frame the issue and you are left playing defense instead of offense.

Bain Capital has been discussed ever since Mitt Romney first entered politics in 1994. Many people believe that Bain Capital has done so many nefarious things in a complex manner and this in turn has left most voters confused by Romney’s Bain connection.
The danger that the Romney camp is now faced with is that the media and his opponents have framed the issue in the following way:

1. Bain Capital would plunge a company into massive debt.
2. Bain would pull out massive fees.
3. The company would be pushed into bankruptcy.

4. Bain would then purge the company of hundreds or even thousands of workers.
Romney is basing his entire presidential claim on his ability to “create jobs” and his record at Bain Capital. He’s not running on his record as Governor of Massachusetts. So if voters view Romney’s Bain record in exclusively negative terms, then Romney’s rationale for running for President is completely destroyed.


Someone coined the term "vulture capitalism" about Bain

and it seems to fit. Romney was born with a silver spoon buried to it's hilt in his butt. He's never worked a day in his I can tell...and while others were in Vietnam he was in France knocking on doors peddling his religion. Tough duty! Also, he seems to be a congenital liar. Does this remind anyone else of GW Bush?

The GOP primary has the markings of a total clusterfuck. I watch because it's fun to watch them beat each other silly.

I hope they all fall under a bus.

Stan Bozarth