Network out to crush public workers

This post, found at Campaign for America's Future, takes an extensive look at the forces behind anti public employee and public employee unions moverment. It is as indepth a piece as I have seen. I commend it highly.

It is difficult to read, watch or listen to the news without hearing that public employees are paid too much and get “lucrative” pensions and this is “bankrupting” your state, county or city. Public officials are "in bed" with "union bosses" and state and local government; taxpayer dollars are wasted to pay for people who don’t do much work but live the good life. "Reports" and "studies" confirm this.

People hear the same story over and over and over and over, seemingly coming from everywhere: public employees have it good, with extravagant pay and "lavish" or "plush" pensions, while taxpayers are taking it in the shorts. Public-employee pensions are "bankrupting" the state/county/city. "Unfunded liabilities" are "out of control" and it is time to do something about it before it is too late.

This is part of a broad, nationwide attack on public employees and their unions, and through them, on government and democracy itself

Corporations and their toadies have cut union membership from 34% 30 years ago to 7% today. That having been done, they are hunting down the public employees unions, blaming them for the deficits of states, counties and cities -- looking for the possibility of bankruptcy for those entities so pension and health care "liabilities" can be wiped out (as was done in GM and Chrysler among others). This article addresses the rightwing echo chamber in detail and lists more think tanks and rightwing groups than I have seen before in one source.

This is the enemy!


It never ceases to amaze me

that so many voters equate the Republican Party as looking out for the Common Man, while dismissing Democrats because they are "elitist". In reality, it's just the opposite. The GOP always sides with the elite who grow fat from the toils of the lesser among us.