NC's last statewide Democratic primary runoff

For your review:

NC's last Democratic primary runoff (called "2nd primary" by the BOE) was in 2008.

It was for the right to challenge GOP incumbent Cherie Berry for Commissioner of Labor.

We all know how that turned 2008...a Democratic year.

A review of the runoff results is here.

A review of the November 2008 general is here.

Wave to the Elevator Lady! She's one of only two statewide elected GOPers.

Did a primary runoff help keep her there?

I'm not sure.

I do know that Richard Burr is now sitting in a very similar position.


Well, Cherie Berry is an odd case

I don't think the Democratic leadership really minds very much that Cherie Berry is Labor Commissioner.

She's no conservative. She's fiscally conservative, but that's where it stops. When she was in the NCGA, the abortion industry's #1 ally was not a Democrat, it was nominal-Republican Cherie Berry. Though she's registered Republican, she's a friend and ally of Republican-In-Name-Only crook Richard Morgan, the co-Speaker with Jim Black who helped Black and the Democrats gerrymander NC to maximize the number of "safe" Democratic legislative districts.

As long as Berry is Labor Commissioner, there's no chance of the office being taken by a real Republican. If a Democrat were there, there'd be the risk of him being defeated by a real Republican in November.


Uh, no thanks

you can keep her.

Hard race for anyone. Berry

Hard race for anyone. Berry has free name recognition that money can't buy. Then again, my candidate didn't make the runoff - I voted for Robin Anderson, which I think was the first time in history I voted against a Davidson grad.

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