NC's GOP Congressmen lining up to take lone female Republican leader's job

Like misogynistic sharks at a feeding frenzy:

The lone female member of House Republican leadership is under siege in D.C. and back home in Washington state. In Congress, several fellow GOP members are pining for her job, questioning her effectiveness as chairwoman of the conference and weighing whether to challenge her.

At least one Republican, Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina, is seriously considering challenging McMorris Rodgers, several of those sources said. But the other lawmakers who want her job are hoping McMorris Rodgers steps down or runs for another position.

Of course that had to come from anonymous sources, because Mark Walker would never give anyone a straight answer on the record. He is a master at dodging questions (and people), and if you ask him about this he'd probably launch into a poorly thought-out diatribe about government getting out of the way of business. Or whatever is percolating in that walnut-sized brain of his at the time. But she probably won't get promoted either, because little Paddy McHenry has got plans of his own:

“Posturing about decisions we’ll make after the election is naive, divisive, and it’s distracting from the Conference’s shared goals of finishing our work in the House and keeping this majority," McMorris Rodgers said in a statement, declining to address questions about her future in leadership.

In fact, one ally of McMorris Rodgers said she might try to move up in leadership. If Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise, currently the second- and third-ranking House Republicans, ascend one rung, McMorris Rodgers might run for whip, according to a second ally. In that scenario, she’d likely square off against Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), currently Scalise’s chief deputy. But McHenry is seen as a prohibitive favorite for that post if he runs.

But our intrepid white male GOP delegation is not done yet. A man who can only be described as an unholy hybrid of a vulture and a weasel is also circling and snarling:

Another Republican lawmaker bemoaned what the person called “an endless reel of the same boring talking points” issued by McMorris Rodgers to rank-and-file members. A GOP aide called McMorris Rodgers’ approach “milquetoast.” And another GOP lawmaker said the conference needed a more aggressive combatant on TV than McMorris Rodgers to take on Democrats over the GOP tax cuts and attempted repeal of Obamacare.

During a whip meeting just after the botched rollout of the Republican health care repeal effort, Rep. Richard Hudson (R-N.C.) criticized the lack of strategy behind the bill’s unveiling. Hudson said that he put more planning into how to spend his last trip to his district than leadership had in the entire repeal rollout.

I can sum up Hudson's chances to slide his sleazy ass into that position with one word: "Who?"



Google images might be too much fun...

I had literally no hopes of finding a pic with all three of these jackasses in it, unless it was the entire GOP delegation, so I just typed in, "Mark Walker Patrick McHenry," and this jewel showed up way down the page. #winning on a Monday...