NCGOP Tensions Break the Surface

Rep. Debby Clary sent an email to the other House Republicans that's, er, rather blunt.

It's time we all told Art Pope to stay out of our business. He has no doubt contributed more money to defeat Republicans than he ever has to assist us in getting elected. While the silver spoon boy plays politics with Daddy's money, the conservatives of this state suffer. Art Pope called Stephen LaRoque with his veiled warning prior to having his 'waterboy' Blount recruit Willie Ray Starling. Starling has lost 4-5 races and if he were to prevail in May, we will lose to the Democrat in November.

Read the whole thing here. Then go read Art Pope's response.


Methinks the Puppetmaster

doest protest too much.

There's a lot to glean from Pope's LENGTHY response to Ms. Clary, but the most important thing to glean is this: Art Pope doesn't give a fuck about North Carolina. He is 100% focused on exercising his god-given right to be a rich asshole and broker power . . . and has a lurid history of using that power to line the pockets of the corporate elite, subvert the common good, and get his way no matter what the cost.

His lengthy resume

makes it look like he has the ability to get elected, but not stay elected. (I didn't really pay attention, was just an impression.) I couldn't read past the first two arrogant paragraphs. Just...too...much...bullsh*t

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

what's the story

with the rag that's posting all this stuff? I just looked up the publisher (who looks like Carter from ER only younger-- a definite YR type) and checked out his digs and I'm wondering who's backing this operation. John Armor has a big ad. For a conservative organization, they're making a lot of enemies in a big hurry, don't you think?

Does this mean things are looking good for Jim Long????

They're the most dangerous kind of conservatives!

Unaffiliated conservatives! Just kidding. They're part aggregator, part original content. They seem ideologically closer to the Pope/Cobey wing of the party, but I wouldn't call it a strong affiliation. Maybe they just don't like the Morgan wing. They sure as hell don't like Charles Taylor (and Taylor's press secretary believes they're a front for Democrats!).
“Of all the varieties of virtues, liberalism is the most beloved.” —Aristotle

It's our fault.

NC Wingers are jealous of the fact that BlueNC is attracting lots of attention and that no one pays attention to them anymore besides us. Their blogs have zero traffic unless we stop by to give them some attention. It's just more White Boys for Bidness and Industry stuff, which explains their haplessness.These guys are too busy screwing NC citizens to spend time hanging on on blogs. Except for the Puppets, of course. They get paid to do this.