NCGOP: The Tax Man Cometh

Eight short years ago Sam Currin was on top as chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party. Today, he's just another everyday Republican who's been indicted and arrested for a tax fraud conspiracy.

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The AP report is in The Charlotte Observer. Quite a few others were involved and there will be other charges.

Currin also is charged with participating in a coverup of the financial structures mapped out through Woltz's financial services company, prosecutors said. He was charged with obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and perjury charges in a related grand jury investigation of securities fraud.

Prosecutors said Currin not only gave false testimony, he persuaded Raleigh attorney Robert Wellons to "make false and misleading statements to and withhold documents from the grand jury."

Wellons, 37, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to obstruct justice and has agreed to help the government, prosecutors said. His attorney did not return a call seeking comment. He faces up to five years imprisonment, prosecutors said.

The scariest thing about isn't the part where he defrauded the government and convinced another lawyer to lie for him. The scariest part is the questions it raises about his previous careers.

Currin was formerly an aide to Sen. Jesse Helms; the United States attorney for eastern North Carolina from 1981 to 1987; and a Superior Court judge until 1990. Since then, he's represented criminal defendants in the state's federal courts.

Two men who worked for Sen. Jesse Helms arrested in the past two months. It does make you go, hmmmmmm, doesn't it? It also makes you wonder how reliable his work was as U.S. Attorney or Superior Court Judge.


Oh no! A big time repub business local scandal!

let's see GOP Chairman " Wigs" Ferrell BS
him self out of this one about a Democrat party
making Sam do it because of Taxes! Now is the time
to demand that Ferrell resigned for the past sins
of the Republican party. For what it is worth, This not
the first time Sam had problems with the Tax thing while
Republican party chairman.

I can see lawyers all over NC

rethinking their chances at appeal based on this. Prejudice or something - right Lance?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


Litigation's not my thing. But it seems like there'd have to be some hard factual evidence that a particular case had been effected. The courts like to pretend that their decisions aren't based on anything outisde the Law, which is a layer between the atmosphere and stratosphere of immutable truth that precipitates justice and tastes like cotton candy.

Holy rhetoric, law man!

which is a layer between the atmosphere and stratosphere of immutable truth that precipitates justice and tastes like cotton candy

After I pull out my heavy duty lawyer

shovel...used constantly to sift through the crap both my father(defense litigator) and brother(prosecutor) throw my way.....I have this to say....(Damn, you're good, Lance!)

If their decisions weren't based on anything outside the law judges would not be required to recuse themselves from certain cases or to report gifts and trips. In other words, even our own government doesn't believe that judges can make decisions based solely on the law and not on outside influences.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Shocked as well

Before working for Brad I worked with the lawyer community and Sam Currin on an occassional basis. When I opened the dead tree version of today's paper and saw this, it blew me away. The Sam Currin I knew was a good guy, and despite his history, a moderate who was distancing himself from his party and their rhetoric. He also was a good team player when it came to working towards solutions at the state level. I hate to hear he was evading our government and breaking the law. Just goes to show that sometimes smart people do dumb things. See ya, Sam.

PJ Puryear
Campaign Manager
Brad Miller Congressional Campaign
(919) 834-2343

PJ Puryear
Brad Miller Congressional Campaign
(919) 834-2343


Shocking that the bare allegations of an indictment are taken as conlusive proof of guilt, even by Mr. Puryear who claims to have had a good opinion of Mr. Currin, but now has determined to accept the allegations of a ham sandwich indictment - which he has surely not read - written by a staff of nobody he knows.

Fascinating how the denizens of BlueNC care little about the foundation concepts of our nation's legal system.

Winston, I think the problem is

so many Republicans have been indicted recently and so many have said, "Who, Me? Certainly, not my fault" that it's getting old. Poor Mr. Currin will have his day in court, but with so many Republicans clogging the docket we are getting tired of the same old denials of guilt. We're not even cutting Jim Black any slack and he hasn't even been indicted. At least Currin has already had his mug taken.

If we aren't going to cut an unindicted Democrat any slack do you think we will cut an indicted and arrested Republican some slack?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Chill, Winston

Other than PJ's comment, I don't see much on this page that assumes Currin's guilt. His indictment is a story. The allegations are a story.

Ted Kennedy gets indicted tomorrow: would you wait for a guilty verdict before covering it on the Review? Or would you start your post with an announcement in big red letters that "out of respect for the foundational principles of American criminal procedure, we feel compelled to point out that the distinguished gentleman from Massachusetts is, as of now, guilty of nothing"?

Me Chillin'

Lance, I suppose you are right. I shouldn't have tarred the "denizens" in general, just "The Southern Dem" and Mr. Puryear. I suppose I'd be all over Kennedy if indicted, but if he can't get indicted for his driving, well, don't count on it ever happening.

And Mr. Black is being raked over the coals for what he admittedly did - raised money for Republicans in an apparent quid pro quo through blank checks solicited from optometrists, not to mention the hugely unethical eye exam bill to pay off those same blank check writing optometrists. I won't assume he's quilty of a crime, but I don't see a problem with the persistent criticism for what he admittedly did.

Sam Currin

I know Sam Currin. He is one of the nicest man I have ever met. I had my own troubles some years back and Sam was my attorney. From my perspective Sam went far beyond the call of duty and helped me get out of a problem that I don't think any other attorney would have or could have.
I know that Sam is a Christian man and has been active in his church for many years even serving as a Sunday School teacher.
Sam, like all of us isn't perfect and like all of us he makes mistakes.
Sam is a very very smart man and knows the law. I have the expectation that Sam worked as an advisor primarily to this group and was paid to do so due to his legal background.
I am confident that Sam did not knowingly do anything wrong.
I also feel pretty sure that what is going on with Sam is politics at its best, or worse. I do not know, but would bet that the US attorneys that are working to prosecute Sam are Democrats and this is a personal attack on Sam due to his past political affiliations even though in my opinion, Sam has worked hard in recent years not to be partison.

I guess then the judge that let you off

was a Republican buddy of Currin's? I can't have it both ways. If that's how the law works...then when a Democrat gets in trouble we get to say it's just politics. Which means
Clinton wasn't guilty. Sorry to be rude, but your argument is tired. I don't doubt Sam was a nice man. How many times do you hear people say that about someone who's been accused of crimes...even violent crimes? Alla time.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Not sure of the party affiliation of the Judge

Sam exhibited his extreme knowledge of the law during a trial and actually litigated my issue with a prowess that you don't see often. He wasn't interested in having me take a plea which was offered, but fought before the Judge and the DA and due to his strong belief in what was right, correct and just he convinced the judge of my innocence.
It would be wonderful if more attorneys represented their clients this way.
Sam may have got involved in something that he shouldn't have, but from my knowledge of him, this would be out of character. He is human and like all of us makes mistakes. Whatever he may have done certainly shouldn't require him to go to jail or prison. This wouldn't solve anything. I am sure that if Sam made mistakes, he and his family have already paid the price.
Hopefully when he goes to trial he will be exonnerated, although if the Feds do what they usually do they will offer sweetheart deals to all others involved just to get them to put all or most of the blame on Sam. This is Politics as usual and what continues to be wrong with our legal and judicial system.
Sam needs the prayers and well wishes of all, democrat or republican. I am sure when all is said and done he has done much more good than bad.


has some journalists on their noon show today talking about Currin. Everybody said they were shocked. His indictment came out the same day the Dems were caucusing on Black . . . so it really didn't get much play. I hear Black is a nice guy too.

I hear George Bush is a nice guy as well. Doesn't mean his not corrupt and incompetent.