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UPDATE from James

As you'll see in the comments below, the writer of this post and the owner of the blog that was referenced in this post has been banned from BlueNC. I have removed the original content for the post, which was simply a link to a Blogspot attack site created by the author.

This kind of duplicitous behavior is unacceptable at BlueNC and will not be tolerated.


Hopefully NCDPP Blog is not affiliated with Parker.

If this person is condoned by Parker, then their words are 1122983 reasons to vote against Parker.

I always wanted to be the avenging cowboy hero—that lone voice in the wilderness, fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth and justice. - Bill Hicks


This morning I contacted the Parker campaign and spoke with Frank Eaton about the NCDPP blog referenced in this post. Frank said the Parker campaign has no knowledge of or involvement with the NCDP Politics blog whatsover.

On a related note, I also discovered last night that the person writing here as "Wisedem" is the same person who responsible for blog in question. That person lied to me about his or her activities and has thus been banned from BlueNC.

You seem to have arrived at

You seem to have arrived at BlueNC with a specific agenda, which is fine and good ... we all have one. That said, the assertion that you're honestly "discovering" a preferred candidate from posts on the pro-Parker sock-puppet site you linked to is disingenuous, if not outright dishonest.

Anyone can do whatever they want out here on the internet, especially when anonymous comments are allowed, as they are here. But just to say it, we're not stupid. Hidden agendas are easy to see through, and they never speak well of anyone involved.


PS There is an outside chance that I've misread this situation, it wouldn't be the first time. But somehow I'm pretty confident in my assessment based on the past dozen comments you've made. If I'm wrong, I apologize. If I'm right, please stop the charade. Thank you.

Paranoid Much?

James and Jermiee, I am an SEC member who heard about BlueNC from the candidates about their live blogs. I read the site and enjoyd some of the commentary but noticed you have a group here pushiing thier own chair agenda promoting Faison. I didn't think that was very fair so I shared the links to another politicall blog with a different perspective on the party chair cnadidates.

James you've been impartial so far bnut Jerimee is obviously pro-Faison and being ugly because I now prefer the other candidate. Do all progressives get this paranoid and accusatory or just your "regulars."????

PS James I wnat to thank you for the apology. I assure you I am not working for ANY candidate. I just shared the information because the blog is interesting and informative. I learned June Mabry is running from it's tweets. I learned about other candidates like Kevin Smith and Stella Adams on that blog. No sarcasm intendded, I am honestly asking if you have that information on BlueNC cause I haven't found it here.

The site does have

a lot of information, including personal/family innuendo about Bill Faison that has fuck-all to do with NCDP operations.

I don't use the National Inquirer as a source for relevant information and thoughtful commentary, and I'm not going to use a site like that for those needs either.


I really don't know either candidate, but Bill Faison visited our Senior Dems meeting in Cumberland County last Saturday. He spoke about what he had done and what he planned to do. He tried to explain how he could handle two jobs at once. One thing he never mentioned was Parker. He may have a smear campaign against him, but it wasn't evident last Saturday.