NCDP Chair Questionnaire: Marshall Adame

Thank you to Marshall Adame for completing the questionnaire created with the help of BlueNC readers. His answers have been published without editing. All questions are included regardless of whether they were answered.

As chair, one of your main responsibilities will be to raise millions of dollars in order operate an effective state party. Lay out, in detail, how you can raise seven figures in the next eighteen months.

"As the Chair of the NCDP it would be my responsibility to lead the party in its entirety including leading the way in executing practical and effective fundraising. We must aggressively get our fiscal house in order through good management, smart revenue building and fundraising and prepare for the 2016 Election.
I will personally appeal to the donor class, corporate donors and our national party.

But large donors alone cannot sustain our party. I will consult with Professional fundraisers and institute the fundraising effort which will reach every North Carolinian, if possible, with our message. I will utilize every modem of communication which can be reasonably accessed to appeal to and encourage Democrats to partner with the NCDP.

I will also ask ever member of the SEC to join me in that effort."

How many hours of call time - dialing for dollars - are you willing to commit to per week.

See question 1

What is your pitch to potential donors?

Each Donor class is different and must be addressed separately and distinctly.

Considering the track record of the NC Democratic Party in the past few years, why should average voters donate money to the party rather than giving it to organizations like the NAACP, the NC ACLU, and other organizations that are actively and visibly challenging Republican policies? What will give them any confidence that their dollars will make any difference?

"Every Organization, social, political or otherwise who challenges the Republican agenda is a worthy cause from my perspective. The Democratic Party is unique in that respect. The Party is the lynch pin, it is the rallying point. The Democratic Party is the single organization which most other likeminded organizations identify with, are members of and which bring us all under one tent, giving us one voice. JFK, MLK and so many more of those we admire and aspire to be like adopted and embraced the Democratic Party.

Although I encourage Democrats to donate to all of the likeminded organizations, I also encourage them to donate first to the Party which speaks for us all regardless of race, color, sex, ethnicity, income group , religion, or sexual orientation."

What steps would you be willing to take to bring the Party back together?

"In my professional roles as a U.S. Marine, a U.S. Diplomat, a U.S. Government Contract Manager and in my work for the U.S. Congressional Commission on Wartime Contracting and as a father, grandfather and friend it has been very necessary to communicate with different and varied peoples at many levels to achieve success, peace, acceptance and progress in many situations and programs. Likewise I will communicate with Democrats throughout NC as plainly and honestly as possible. We are a very concerned and involved people who seek the same goals, but like with most things in life, have different and varied ideas and views as how to achieve a goal, or articulate a vision. Some of us seek safe and conservative solutions while others of us reach for untried and sometimes untested solutions. Both valuable and relevant to our party.

I am willing to put down my ego to the extent as is humanly possible to achieve a whole relationship with every aspect of our Party. My mind and heart will be open to every concept and idea brought to our grand floor of ideas. We must be able to talk without reviling each other, or excluding each other. I will work, using every available asset, to bring the unity which will achieve our Personal and Party goals.

The Republicans are counting on our inability to come together. They are counting on our failure to be cohesive and unified. We must not prove them correct. We can come together and we can achieve unity in our State and National party."

Do you plan a 100 county strategy or will you concentrate efforts in only a few counties?

With our existing resources reaching out and directly touching all one hundred counties will be difficult and will require good planning and active execution, but because something may be hard is not a good reason not to do it. We must reach all 100 counties. Focusing on a few counties, however more affordable and convenient, is how we have gotten where we are today. It is one of the reasons we lost our influence and position in North Carolina. We must reach all 100 counties.

Have you ever served as a precinct chair or vice chair in the North Carolina Democratic Party?

What county level offices have you held in the Democratic Party in North Carolina?

Is there any information you would like to share about your work on the county party level?

Which district level offices have you held?

Is there any information you would like to share about your work on the district party level?

Which state level offices have you held?

Have you been a member of or held any leadership positions in any of the auxiliary groups of the NCDP? Tell us a little about your involvement.

Have you served as a delegate to a party convention?

Have you run for public office? If so, tell us about your experience.

"I was the US Congressional Candidate in NC-03 in 2014.

The 3rd Congressional District has always been considered very safe for the Republicans. I ran because Democrats need to be represented and considered.
The 3rd District is my home and I decided to step up to run because Democrats in the 3rd District deserve an able, well qualified and willing candidate in every election regardless how ""Red"" their are may be."

Have you volunteered for or worked as paid staff for any political campaigns in North Carolina? If so, tell us about your experience.

Please tell us anything else about yourself that you think is important for North Carolina Democrats to know before the election for chair on February 7.

" A retired United States Marine, a Vietnam veteran, a former U.S. Department of State Official in Iraq, a former member of the United States Congressional Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq, a 2014 3rd district Candidate for Congress. I greatly admire John Kennedy and Martin Luther King and have made their political mantra my own."