NCDP Chair Questionnaire: Constance L. (Connie) Johnson

Thank you to Connie Johnson for completing the questionnaire created with the help of BlueNC readers. Her answers have been published without editing. All questions are included regardless of whether they were answered.

As chair, one of your main responsibilities will be to raise millions in order to operate an effective state party. Lay out, in detail, how you can raise seven figures in the next eighteen months.

"Revenues will flow from five new sources:

Contributor calls
Membership dues --$25 annually
Conferences/County Events
3-4 large concerts
Democratic publications, internet, radio, and TV advertising"

How many hours of call time - dialing for dollars - are you willing to commit to per week.

20 hours a week by organizing a committee that is dedicated to dialing for dollars

What is your pitch to potential donors?

We are now the source of training candidates, educating the constituency, and funding for all levels of campaigning, local to US campaigns to not solely GOTV, but SURGE TV!

Considering the track record of the NC Democratic Party in the past few years, why should average voters donate money to the party rather than giving it to organizations like the NAACP, the NC ACLU, and other organizations that are actively and visibly challenging Republican policies? What will give them any confidence that their dollars will make any difference?

All contributors will be recognized depending on the dollar amount they contribute at the State Office and all key events.

What steps would you be willing to take to bring the Party back together?

The party is not separated, but the party lacks togetherness and unity due to lack of enjoyable times together. We are an all business, all work, organization. We need far more enjoyable events and activities, far more celebrations, far more recognition for those who go beyond the call of duty. We are burning both ends of the straw. We need more music, more wine, more laughter, more opportunities to invite and recruit others not in our party to observe how vigilant and dedicated we are to each other. After all, we are all fighting for each other.

Do you plan a 100 county strategy or will you concentrate efforts in only a few counties?

All 100 counties will be engaged. Not only will all 100 counties be engaged, but every single Democrat in each party will choose from a list of committees and every single Democrat in the county will have a responsibility on that committee. Upon submitting your membership you will select your committee(s). All committees will be featured in the party newspaper along with the committees' progress. Conferences for each countywide committee will meet at the State Office to submit their issues and action items for bills to the legislators to bring change to the individual counties and for the improvement of the state.

Have you ever served as a precinct chair or vice chair in the North Carolina Democratic Party?

What county level offices have you held in the Democratic Party in North Carolina?

Other officer position

Is there any information you would like to share about your work on the county party level?

I am presently in Rowan County. The chair of the party of Rowan in office when I returned from seminary to my hometown that was from Virginia was not familiar with my work in Mecklenburg County. In Mecklenburg County I worked directly with the Chair of the Democratic Party, Michael Evans, along with John Minter, to ensure that Democratic News was distributed to over 25,000 with a circulation of over 100,000 county citizens serving the public relations needs of the Democratic Party.

Which district level offices have you held?

Other officer position

Is there any information you would like to share about your work on the district party level?

"See above. I was the source for Democratic News in Mecklenburg County, promoting all events, and elections. District work included promoting the elections of District candidates and promoting precinct locations and distributing the information without cost to the Democratic Party.

To say that I was not active in politics with the parties is to say that Obama is not a hard working Democrat. I have served the Democratic Party for nearly 15 years in Public Relations and Communications working with US, State, and Local officials, covering all aspects of the party. I have held so many political offices in organizations that I may have overlooked some of them. But know that I worked directly with the leaders of all the political organizations of Charlotte-Mecklenburg."

Which state level offices have you held?

Have you been a member of or held any leadership positions in any of the auxiliary groups of the NCDP? Tell us a little about your involvement.

In Mecklenburg County, I was the first news source in history to promote Michael Lawson's new concept, the African American Caucus. I still have the article with Michael's accomplishments and goals for you to review. My work is in marketing and promotions for the Democratic Party, the auxiliaries, including the Black Political Caucus and the NAACP. I was the NAACP Delegate to the National Conference the same year Lawson introduced Charlotte-Mecklenburg to the African American Caucus. I and the African American Caucus are staunch allies. The African American Caucus was the first to endorse my run for the State Senate against Andrew Brock in 2014.

Have you served as a delegate to a party convention?


Have you run for public office? If so, tell us about your experience.

"I ran for the School Board race immediately upon returning home from seminary in Chicago. I had organized a march in Salisbury to quail the violence while in Illinois and also saw the disparities between the races of people.

NC School Board Test Scores by Race:
Look for 2012 School Board Race Seat 5 near the Bottom: h"

Have you volunteered for or worked as paid staff for any political campaigns in North Carolina? If so, tell us about your experience


Yes. I have served over 90% of the Democrats of Mecklenburg in their campaign advertising and promotions efforts between 2003-2008. I have designed ballots, volunteered for the precinct work, and participated in more than 20 GOTV campaigns with 80% success.

Please tell us anything else about yourself that you think is important for North Carolina Democrats to know before the election for chair on February 7.

"I don't say anything I can't do. I complete my goals. I don't surrender, nor do I slow down. I motivate the people around me. I understand the value of setting the examples. And I am a research scholar that search deep and wide for examples of how to do the work better and keep the people around me informed and educated.

I am a politician, an activist, a theologian, a publisher, an entrepreneur, a promoter, and most importantly, I am a teacher. "