NC Voter Information Sent To Trump's Phoney Baloney Fraud Commission

The only good news is that the SBOE is providing the commission only with the URL to the SBOE website, from where the already publicly available statewide and county-wide voter information files can be downloaded on demand (the files are updated nightly). In other words, Kobach won't see anything we can't already see.

The bad news is that (1) although your birth date is not made public, your birth city, current age and birth year are. Your gender, race and ethnicity are also made public, if provided on your original voter registration application (there's no way to expunge those data once your registration application is processed). (2) The accompanying voter history files provide a list of elections in which we each participated. For any other than Unaffiliated voters, our party affiliation at the time of each election is stored in our history records. For Unaffiliated voters, the party ballot selected for primary elections is recorded. State law prohibits the disclosure of HOW we voted in each election, BUT, the party affiliation recorded in our history files can be easily misconstrued and/or abused by overzealous Kobach committee members to fraudulently skew the data in their favor.