NC Senator John Snow,-D /50th District. He is my Senator and I am proud to provide this info!

North Carolina State Senator John Snow-D , NC Senate District 50

I have a advantage here. When Southern Dem came up with the idea to cover the politicians in our area's I jumped in to help Screwy follow the Shuler campaign but I also wanted to do State Senator John Snow from Murphy ,N.C.. Why? Well, I know the subject I am writing on and I know it well! He is a friend of mine & my family's. I have known Senator Snow ever since I worked in Law Enforcement in the 90's. He was a District Court Judge then. A lot of times, I still call him Your Honor instead of Senator. But early on in those days I learned some very important things about the man, John Snow. I watched how he conducted himself in and out of the courtroom. Always the Professional, always earning the respect and dignity of those around him and returning to them the same. I came to know the Senator as a very Honest, Fair and Impartial man in those days.

These are the quailites he still has today, qualities ,which I feel make him a unique person. Unique , in that he is able to perform as a Legislator who will work in a bi-partisan manner to get results and effect change. And I know he listens to folks on his District and stays in contact with them. My entire family will attest to the fact he has called us even in the late of night at 11pm just so I didn't have to wait on the information I requested. His positive influence with my son Greg was one of the things that helped him when he decided to go to work in my tracks in Law Enforcement this week. That is something I am personally Proud of and if you had ever met my son you would know why I can say this!

The truth to the matter is that until John Snow became the Senator for the 50th District , as far as Raleigh was concerned, the State of N.C. ended at the Balsam Gap in Haywood County. And if we got anything it had to come thru Liston Ramsey. John is a Honorably discharged Veteran who entered the US Army on a ROTC Commission and was commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant during the Vietnam Era. He is a Member of the Governors Crime Commission , The American Bar Association & the N.C. State Bar. Here are some of the Senators Personal facts you may not know. John Snow has given Law Enforcement the tools to crack down on meth thru his introduction of the Meth Lab Act , He is responsible for High Speed Internet for business & schools, and gave law enforcement what it needed to crack down on sexual predators.

Education: Cherokee County Public Schools 1951-63
BA,Wake Forest College 1963-67
Doctor of Law Degree, Wake Forest Univ. 1967-70

Work: Assistant District Attorney 1972-76
District Court in the 30th Judicial District 1976-2004

Married: 1970 to Shela Gossett (High School Math Teacher 33 years)

Children: 3 Daughters / 1 Son – 3 Grandchildren

Church: Murphy First United Methodist / Choir Member
Galatians 5:13-14 / Micah 6:8

Memberships: Governors Crime Commission,
American Bar Association / NC State Bar

Military Service: Commissioned , 1st Lt. US Army (Vietnam Era) ROTC Commissioned

North Carolina Senator: 2005 to Present....

Senate Committee Appointments

Agriculture / Environment/ Natural Resources
Appropriations on Justice and Public Safety (Co-Chair)
Appropriations / Base Budget
Education / Higher Education
Judiciary II
Mental Health & Youth Services
Opportunities & Needs for Economic Growth
Select Committee Homeland Security
Emergency & Military Affairs
Joint Study Committee on Emergency Preparedness
and Disaster Management Recovery

I know that my State Senator , John Snow is working for my best interest's because in Raleigh,

Senator Snow has protected our Families & Children
Our most Important Asset's by:
Being Co -Sponsor of the Meth Lab Protection Act
Sponsored & Co-Sponsored Bills protecting Children
from Sexual Predators by;
SB776 - Indecent Exposure Law
SB2 – Restriction of access to Violent & X rated video games
SB472 – Protecting children from Internet sexual predators

He has worked hard to improve North Carolina Education by;
Voting to reduce class size from kindergarten to 3rd grade
Working to raise teacher pay and to bring their pay to the National
average by 2009

Funding 100 new Teaching Fellow Scholarships
He was instrumental in saving over 400 teacher assistant positions in N.C.

Worked to protect Small School Funding so important to our small western counties

He is aware of the special conditions Disaster Relief and what his District needs as he;
Provided leadership to bring $247 million in disaster relief to the Hurricane
Victims of Western North Carolina.

Special programs to help victims on Peeks Creek in Macon County and the victims
of Clyde & Canton with Special Aid through the town of Canton for
Blue Ridge Paper.

Senator Snow also worked on special programs to help agriculture interest's like
Christmas tree growers & Apple Tree growers & Nursery farmers who were not
previously covered under established relief programs and he contuine's to monitor
the distribution of these disaster funds.

Senator Snow knows the field of Agritourism;
From sponsoring legislation allowing farmers who are using their farms for a tourist attraction
such as a “Corn Maze” or “You Pick” programs to limit their insurance liability to posting signs
citing the inherent dangers involved in farming operations.

On the Pop The Cap Legislation the Legislation Passed, but Senator Snow voted against it
because with his vast experience and years on the bench he saw it as a danger to our families
and children due to the fact the bill increased the allowable percentage of alcohol in malt beverages
from 6% to 15%.

On a personal note, A lot of times only someone in Law Enforcement or EMS is the only one who does
see these dangers. The hardest thing you will ever have to do is to work a wreck where some young person
has lost their life in a senseless mishap-Dan

Why should we re-elect John Snow to represent the 50th District in the NC Senate ? Well, as I said before,
Senator John Snow has worked and will continue to work for us in Raleigh. He has earned the respect
of the members of both the Senate & the House and in both parties. I can say this without any doubts
or reservations, Senator Snow has went to bat in Raleigh for Veterans, not only vet's from the 50th District,
but for all the Veterans of the Tarheel State!

On the Campaign Issues;

Perhaps the most important issue of this campaign is that of leadership, providing effective leadership that gets results. Senator Snow has been working very hard and has been actively involved in the legislative
process in Raleigh while constantly communicating with the people of his District.

Senator Snow has been a good listener and has approached in a non-partisan fashion legislation that
affects our District.

He honestly works hard to be a Senator who can get the results you can be proud off regardless of
your voter registration!

With the help of other legislators in Western North Carolina , John Snow believes we have been able to
move more State resources into Western North Carolina.

Ever hear of the Balsam Fiber Network ? John Snow was instrumental in securing over $2.3 million in
funding from the Golden Leaf Foundation to hook up high speed broadband service for all public schools
and community colleges in 6 most western counties.

He voted for Senate Bill 967 providing money under the North Carolina Fund for Small Businesses.

The over 65 population is growing fast and Sen. Snow will work to maintain a system of services that
protects their well being while providing quality health care that is accessible & affordable and will
work to find ways to provide health care for small business employees & other uninsured citizens.

He has already proven many times over that he will work closely with local law enforcement to fight crime
particularly to fight the threat of Meth drugs and to protect our children from sexual preditors.

You can count on him to work to provide every child a safe and productive learning environment and that
the teachers have the resources they need so each child can fulfill his or her potential.

Now, would you want me to cover someone that I did not really believe has made a difference in the 50th District
and will continue to work to bring changes to the District? I don't think so. Folks this is the only way I know to tell you about this man, My State Senator John Snow. I have to write it up fair, honest,balanced and all truth!
I know you would not accept it any other way , and I know John Snow would not either!

Daniel (Danny) Siler – (Dan-Viper29)
Robbinsville, N.C. NC District 50

John Snow, A Veteran and A Logical Experienced Senator for Logical People!


Good profile, Dan

I know people who would just about go ga-ga to have a representative in Raleigh they believe in. We're lucky in Orange County to have some pretty good representation ... and it sounds like you are too.

Thank you Dan

I will pull this back out for front-page use when we get to this district on our calendar. You are wonderful.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.