NC Senate Stands For Injustice

It looks like the Legislative mini-session just ended.

During the session, the NC House voted for the gas tax cap, but the Senate said “Screw it. We’re worrying about that in May.” So it looks like the NC Senate has packed their bags and gone home after only really passing one important thing: the repeal of the Racial Justice Act, which now sits on Perdue’s desk.

It’s disappointing that the Senate voted this way. SB9 guts the law so that death row inmates can no longer appeal based on statistics showing racial discrimination. NC district attorneys asked for the repeal because they felt that these appeals would be costly to the courts, and, apparently, the NC legislature agrees. But to me, it’s supposed to be the job of the courts to handle these things. If it’s too expensive, then maybe we should stop racial bias, or better yet, stop sentencing people to death.