NC Senate Democratic Caucus survey

I just received this e-mail from Martin Nesbitt:

Tomorrow at 1:00pm, the North Carolina Senate will officially convene for the 2010 "short" session.

Since the Senate adjourned last August, Democratic Senators from across the state have been meeting with constituents throughout their districts to learn about their top priorities. As we begin to draft bills important to the state, and take critical votes important to you and your families, we want to hear from you on what your top priorities are for North Carolina.

Take the survey, and let us know what you said.

Here are the (few) selections made available for you to choose, but you can also type up your own ideas in the comment box:

Which of the following items would you like the General Assembly to address this cycle? (please choose only one):

Restore cuts made to classrooms
Provide loans to small businesses
Increase funding for mental health programs
Increase consumer access to credit
Expand funding for community colleges
Provide incentives to corporations that bring jobs to NC
Cut taxes for small businesses


Loss of manufacturing jobs.

Why can't we start up the furniture industry again. We've had enough of cheap Chinese imports. Heirloom quality furniture is "green", buy it for yourself and it will be handed down to the next generation. Quality was once the watchword and pride was the force behind it, restart those lathes before they freeze with rust and call the craftsmen back to work before they can't teach their trade anymore.

Here's mine, but you should

follow your own thoughts:

While there is no "good" time to cut mental health services, doing so during a recession with double-digit unemployment definitely qualifies as a "bad" time to make such cuts. Withholding those services doesn't just impact the person in need of help, it is felt by his or her entire family, expanding the negative impact of that budget move to encompass ten times more citizens of our state than studies may have shown.

On the environmental side, the Senate (and the House) need to work on more aggressive and responsible legislation dealing with industrial toxics, and you can start by passing a moratorium on both the proposed facility for Titan Cement and the expansion of PCS Phosphates' operations. Our state has been polluted enough over the years, and you folks need to close the loopholes that have put us in such poor shape. Additionally, we need to develop smart and effective ways to promote clean, renewable energy generation and energy efficiency. If we do it right, green businesses and the incredible economic potential they have will flock to our state, and your budgets won't be a struggle anymore.

I told them to raise taxes

Unless that happens, it's a train wreck already in progress.