NC Senate bill would shift more funding to charter schools


The school privatization train picks up speed:

The battle in question concerns how local funding is shared between traditional public schools and charter schools. SB 658 would require traditional school districts to send more of their local funds to charter schools.

This bill is misguided because charter schools already receive more local funding than traditional public schools, and the gap is growing. A NC Justice Center report published in September showed that, controlling for student residence, the local spending in charter schools in fiscal year 14-15 exceeded the local per pupil spending in traditional schools by $142 per student. That gap has increased in fiscal year 15-16, with charter schools now exceeding local spending of traditional schools by $212 per student. SB 658 would only exacerbate these funding discrepancies.

We're heading into a public school crisis with the unfunded mandate on class sizes, which has already cost educators several dozen jobs. Instead of fixing that problem (which they created), they're trying to take away even more money from traditional public schools. The word "irresponsible" falls way too short in describing their actions, but they just keep chugging along.



General Assembly/Charter Schools

And this is exactly what they intended. They won't stop until the only government agency is the General Assembly if they are not stopped.


The pendulum has swung

so far to the right that it has gotten stuck in Popeland for the foreseeable future. I expect a whole generation of children to fall through the intellectual cracks. As a result, we'll usher in a new era of American stupidity, relegating this country to permanent third-world status. I'm glad I'll be dead, but it saddens me to no end.

I'm pretty charged up

after today's NCDP County Convention. A lot of highly intelligent and motivated people, and it made me feel like nothing was impossible.

We just gotta keep moving forward, even if it feels like the tide is pulling us back.

Me too.

At our Guilford County convention today, our new Chair Ralph Rodland asked the of hands, for how many of you is this the first convention you've attended? About two thirds of the room raised their hands. Lots of new energy in the party. And three of our new offices are filled by Young Dems.