NC Republicans are in deep doodoo.

You know the heat is rising in the GOP kitchen when local papers like the Lexington Dispatch, which serves one of the reddest counties in the state, begin pointing fingers at the governor they helped elect.

...the promotions and raises given in this instance puts McCrory on the kind of path traveled by predecessors like Democrat Mike Easley. It also puts McCrory seemingly in conflict with the austere spending principles that were the cornerstones of his campaign for governor.

Seemingly? Really?

From where I'm sitting, here in the cheap seats, it does a lot more than seem like a conflict, it's a full blown scandal.

At least the Dispatch writer ends with an emphatic message the Governor would do well to hear.

...unmerited promotions or raises at a time when others in government-paid positions — like teachers, for example — are receiving no raises at all is simply wrong.

The governor should practice what he preached during his campaign. Fiscal responsibility only works in government if it's followed by all.


Their point of view

You can tell it's a ultra-conservative paper - the Dispatch seems to view this as a public relations problem, with Pat not being discrete about handing out political favors, rather than a cronyism/corruption issue.