NC netroots - virtual gathering?

Following on the success of BarCamps around the world, where geeks get together to share information and build community in a collaborative “unconference” format, folks are organizing RootsCamps for progressive organizers to debrief the 2006 election and talk about next steps.

I really wanted there to be a RootsCamp in North Carolina (and there still could be) but I just didn't have the energy to make it happen on my own. But I did hook up with a west coast colleague (Andrew Hoppin of CivicSpace, Clark campaign, etc.) and we are taking it to the new(ish) frontier of Second Life!


Read more at and

The event will run for a week with daily gatherings at 4pm starting today! Please come see us there or just visit the wiki to suggest topics or speakers. For example, someone could facilitate a discussion about the results in NC and how we can boot our asshole Senators in '08 and '10. ;-)

How to get involved:

  1. Come to the kick-off event today (11/8/06) at 4pm EST on Better World Island.
  2. Visit the wiki page for RootsCampSL, where you can suggest topics and add yourself to the attendee list.
  3. Join our Google Group and help us organize the event(s).
  4. If you are already a member of SecondLife, join our group “SL Netroots”.
  5. Spread the word by sending this link to your friends:


I'm going to do my best to be there.

I've joined Second Life as Anglico Avalanche and am now trying to figure out how to navigate this new world. (The site is down for maintenance right now, but should be back up at 3 pm.) For those of you who don't know Ruby, she's the brains behind, a great blog here in Orange County.

He...I joined second life last year, but it was always down,

and was too much of a pain to navigate. I haven't been back to check out any improvements. I don't even remember what the hell I called myself. :)

4pm is smack dab in the middle of carpool time for me, so doubt I can participate. Nice idea, though.

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We're here all week

... try the veal. ;-)

No seriously, we'll be having RootsCampSL events all week long, today is just the beginning. There will be sessions every day at 4pm, but folks can also lead discussions at any time.

I think we should pick a time to have a North Carolina caucus in there. It sure beats driving 4-8 hours across the state!

Here's the page to suggest topics.

Look me up in RL, my name there is Ruby Glitter.

Maybe a planned later event?

a lot of us with families are in transition at 4pm-6pm. Maybe a planned event at 8pmish?

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Good idea

What day is best for folks? We can do it on the weekend, too.


There is nothing scheduled for Saturday yet...

Saturday would work for me.


I'm getting closer and closer to getting into SL, but I haven't had the patience for the downloading time yet.


I didn't see your replies until just now.

It may be too late to promote an NC gathering, but please come to the sessions today and tomorow (pasted below), they are going to be very interesting. I'm pleased to report that I met folks at RootsCampSL from NC that I don't know.

Please pick on thing from the schedule and come see us in Second Life!

Mon, Nov 13 1-2pm PST Building in Second Life, tutorial & discussion Ruby Sinreich Jose Rote of ACORN

Mon, Nov 13 2-3pm PST The New Politics Begins: The Next Updraft of New Tools in the Rise of 21st-Century Progressivism Andrew Hoppin Peter Leyden

Mon, Nov 13 3-4pm PST Second Life political organizing and awareness raising overview Rik Riel Rik Riel & In Kenzo (Better World Island)

Tues, Nov 14 1-2pm PST A New Philosophy of Politics Kevin Makice Well, everyone

Tues, Nov 14 2-3pm PST Using Second Life to Win the 2008 Presidential Election Andrew Hoppin Andrew Hoppin

Tues, Nov 14 3pm-? PST Closing party Ruby Sinreich you!