NC Legislature Primaries

List of NC Senate races with a contested primary.

List of NC House races with a constested primary.

More below the fold.

I'm going to stop updating for a while - the races I've got here look to be done, and several sources are calling Morgan/Boylan for the latter. More later.

Here are a few of the races I'm really interested in today.

  • Taylor/Armor in NC-11—Armor won't win, but how much he loses by will be among the tea leaves we'll be reading going in to November.
    8:55 - 4,078/1,257 Taylor
    9:15 - 4,462/1,341 Taylor
    9:25 - 7,170/2,020 Taylor
    9:30 - 8,051/2,121 Taylor
    10:00 - 15,571/3,854 Taylor
    10:10 - 17,665/4,557 Taylor (20%+ for Armor)
  • Rhodes/Tillis in House 98 (Mecklenburg) has generated a lot of talk and pits the most outspoken conservative in the NCGA (and least effective legislator) against a pro-business moderate Republican. The wingnut is the incumbent.
  • Boylan/Morgan in the 52nd (House) will be one of the biggest events this year in the ongoing battle between the doctrinaire (Pope/Cobey) wing of the NCGOP and the "let's try governing" (Morgan) faction.
  • Mintz/Harrell in House 41 pits a faux Democrat against a real Democrat.
    10:00 - 1,539/493Harrell
  • Purgason/Foriest fighting for the chance to be my State Senator—it's touching. Senate 24 (I'm pulling for Foriest).
    9:00 - 146/20 Foriest
    10:00 - 1,691/507 Foriest
  • Senate 31—will we have Nate Tabor to kick around after tonight?
  • Blust/Garwood (in Senate 45) has been a "who's a real conservative" western showdown.
    9:05 - 4,034/3,219 Blust
    9:15 - 4,841/3,922 Blust

Which ones y'all watchin'?


The Puppetmaster wins

Morgan goes down to Pope's handpicked stooge. The New and Improved Puppetshow!

52 to 48.

It's amazing what a little money can do to an election.

Where did you see that?

The SBOE site is still showing zeros.

Doug Jones, Buncombe, House 116

At 10:04 Doug is barely leading 169 to 154. Don't know who Jim Hughes is, but Doug's YD group won a national award recently . . . And he's started up several YD groups all around the 11th. Doug's very well liked so the contest is somewhat of a what's-going-on-behind-the-scenes mystery.


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Anglico..if it makes you feel better

Blust is a Pope boy...he was the administrator/trustee...whatever of Pope's 527 a few years back. I figure he's near and dear to old Art.

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