NC Justice Center - Min. Wage event Monday May 15th

Hey folks, I’m enjoying taking a look a everyone’s comments and decided to take a few of them to heart. Our office is doing a big “news event” regarding the minimum wage on Monday, May 15th at 2pm. You can get more information at It will take place at the Legislative Building on Jones Street (likely just right out in front – we thought we might do it inside).

John Edwards, Treasurer Richard Moore, and ubiquitous “other public officials” will be speaking.

Anyone who’d like to come would be more than welcome. The more people, the better.

In the last few days what’s amazed us here at the Justice Center – and mostly my colleague Sorien Schmidt who is the gung-ho organizer and general brain behind our minimum wage work – is how much support there is for a raise. And not just support among the usual progressive suspects but support among a fairly wide spectrum of the Democratic establishment. We’ll take it when we can get it!


Adam, thanks for posting this

I moved it to the front page, but I hope you'll add it to the calendar as well.


I can't see how to add an event to the calendar though.

And sharp analysis on the "Roses theory"....

Adding to calendar

I should have been more explicit, sorry. Click on "create content" and then on "event" and fill out the form that comes up.

Thanks for all your good work

and good luck on Monday. Sorry I won't be able to come.

From what I can see, there's large and growing support for this, the the only big opposition coming from the Puppetmaster who doesn't want to run the risk of his employees at Roses having enough money to shop in his stores.