NC GOP Leader Lies Again and Trashes Lesbian Mother In Front of Her Son

Anyone watching the debate in the General Assembly knows that House Minority Leader Paul "Skip" Stam (R-Wake) just can't stop lying about the School Violence Prevention Act, but this morning he outdid his usual unhinged ravings.

It's hard to fathom that any sane member of the bar (Skippy's a lawyer dontcha know) chosen to serve as leader of his party, can stand up with a straight face and say that same-sex parents are more dangerous than second-hand smoke.

This mind-numbingly idiotic and hateful remark was not made as part of a private joke in some dark hallway in the Legislative Building on Jones Street, but spoken aloud in the House Judiciary I Committee as Senator Julia Boseman stood there explaining the bullying bill - not a marriage or foster care or adoption bill - just a bullying bill.

Did I mention Senator Boseman's son was in the audience as Rep. Stam uttered his hateful inanity? Just so you can see that kids can be directly impacted by politicians' hateful rhetoric, take a look.

The merits of the bullying bill have been discussed on this blog before. In my still ripe anger at Rep. Stam's actions, I choose not to address the merits of the much-needed bill now. Perhaps later in the day.

If you support the School Violence Prevention Act (Senate Bill 526), please contact your state House member in Raleigh here

Don't let the hateful bullies like Rep. Stam win.



It's too bad Ed Ridpath didn't beat the pants of this mental midget, but apparently the voters in his district like Skippy's bigotry just fine. He's cut from the same piece of crappy cloth as Tom Fetzer, both hell bent on purifying the Republican Party until it drowns in its own happy horse shit.

Thanks for getting this posted

Big hug out to Senator Boseman and her son for all the crap they have to put up with from biggots like Paul Stam. It's small consolation knowing the man will burn in hell for all eternity, but at least we have that bit of hope for justice in the hereafter to carry us through.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


I can't believe a state representative would make such small minded, bigoted comments. Shame on Paul Stam!


What a darn shame that such bigotry exists in our country today! Where did this squirrel come from? He needs to get booted out of office like NOW!!!

Shame on you Skippy!!!!!!! You need to hang your head.