The Nazi next door: White Supremacy on the rise

And the mentally ill seem to be more susceptible:

A Cary police officer and an FBI agent met with Warden two days before the incident at the synagogue to discuss fliers that appeared twice in Cary neighborhoods in October, according to the application for a warrant to search Warden's home on Preston Grove Avenue.

On Oct. 16, fliers were found at homes on Roebling Lane that contained a swastika, the words "Aryan Youth" and a link to a channel on the online music-sharing platform Soundcloud that contained neo-Nazi music, the application states. Two days later, at least 60 fliers were in Cary with a swastika and the statement, "White man, are you sick and tired of the Jews destroying your country through mass immigration and degeneracy? Join us in the struggle for global white supremacy at the Daily Stormer."

It's long past time to shut down that particular website. I've held my nose and lurked a few times, and they have mastered the use of code words to (barely) conceal their hatred for blacks and Jews. But that platform (unless I'm mistaken) also provides the capability for private messaging, and even private "group" messaging. I haven't explored either Gab or 4Chan, and don't plan to, but it's safe to say that these platforms serve as an incubator for domestic terrorists. If law enforcement discovered al-Qaeda or Daesh (Islamic State) operating sites like this in the U.S., there would be a fricking task force rounding them up for an express trip to Guantanamo. But this dude will probably get probation:

The Soundcloud link on first flier also included Warden's name and photo, so police contacted him to discuss the matter. When the Cary officer and the FBI agent met with Warden at a Starbucks in Cary on Nov. 1, he admitted to distributing the fliers and "stated emphatically that he strongly subscribes to the anti-Semitic ideology," according to the search warrant application.

Warden told the officers that he is part of a group, the Traditionalist Youth Network, that exchanges ideas on Facebook and Gab, a far-right social media platform that was used by Robert Bowers, the man charged in a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue last month. Warden declined to name anyone else in the group.

"Warden appeared to have absolutely no concern for the loss of life [in Pittsburgh] and stated that he suspected that Robert Bowers was 'out of options,'" the warrant application states. "Over the course of the interview, Warden repeatedly mentioned a clear hatred for Jews and reaffirmed his belief that they should be eliminated."

Let me call your attention to an earlier snippet that likely flew under your radar: "A Cary police officer and an FBI agent met with Warden two days before the incident at the synagogue..." Get that? This nut-job told an FBI officer and a cop that he thought Jews should be killed, yet he was still free to bang on the door of a synagogue two days later. We almost had our own Pittsburgh-style massacre, and an easily avoidable one at that. Warden should have been either incarcerated or involuntarily committed as a result of that interview, but instead he walked away.