Navy to NC fisheries: Drop dead

I'm an ex Navy guy and have plenty of first hand experience with how the Navy bespoils the environment and wastes public money. I also know they honestly don't give a damn about what they screw up, as long as they can get more money to buy more technology and satisfy more defense contractors along the way. So any "reports" they have about the impacts of their activities should be taken with a sea full of salt. Today's N&O nails their latest gambit for what it probably is: pseudo-science.

The evidence is mounting that the Navy's proposed 660-square mile sonar training range off the coast of North Carolina would pose unacceptable environmental dangers. There are also disturbing indications that the Navy's own environmental impact study is woefully inadequate. A chorus of scientists says the Navy needs to set higher standards for its research if the study is to have any scientific value.

Bill Flournoy, director of North Carolina's conservation incentives program, summed up the thinking of many environmentalists who commented on the draft report: "Critical steps seem to be omitted, prematurely dismissed or incompletely described. As a consequence, neither reviewers nor decision makers can have confidence in a finding based upon this draft."

A new report by the National Marine Fisheries Service also makes it clear the Navy's long insistence that sonar waves do not harm whales is also highly suspect.

Here's the editorial.


Between this and OLF

it looks the the US Navy really wants to turn North Carolina into their private little playground.

PS If you're not up on the Outlying Landing Field disaster in the making, take a look at this site. It'll shake any confidence you might have had in the Navy's relationship with science.