Natural gas "rush" comes to Lee County

Residents are signing land-lease contracts already:

Energy companies are snapping up the rights to underground natural gas from scores of property owners in Lee County, where indications of a massive natural gas deposit recently surfaced.

"There's several levels of concern," said Ted Feitshans, an extension specialist at N.C. State University's agricultural economics department. "One is they're not getting the level of payment they could get if they were skilled negotiators."

Other issues include contracts that would leave property owners legally responsible for the cleanup costs if an environmental accident on their land contaminated neighboring properties or drinking water.



Just saw the doc GasLand on HBO today. I would encourage anyone thinking about signing a land-lease to watch beforehand.

Great stuff, Jim

Experience has shown that any sort of perceived economic growth prospect for NC- like keeping cigarette taxes absurdly low at the expense of responsible public health and fiscal policy- prevails over concerns about irresponsible public health and fiscal policy. It’s the old growth at any cost argument.

I second that emotion. :)

p.s. hope to see you soon, buddy.


steve. I'm all over this one- trying to pin down how "toothy" as I said the prohibition is on natural gas drilling. You well know how vulnerable that will be to calls for jobs, "clean" energy and the like. The risk/return is unfavorable and poses a greater threat- arguably- to NC's environment that does offshore drilling. Which, BTW, I'm told by the head of one of the largest oil companies in the US is "not going to happen Jim....there's nothing there."

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