National News Roundup 3/17

From The Washington Post: Republicans in Congress revolt against the King. Now every man, woman, child, sperm and egg are in debt up to their eyeballs. Republicans whine about an abusive White House yet still don't have the balls to make the President obey the law. Ann Coulter cries about a bit of pie in her face then condones killing Supreme Court Justices. Do you think the lunatics who worship this witch were listening to her?

From The New York Times: Republicans see the light, yet still don't have the backbone to say no to the King. They figure if they can trust Chalabi, they can trust Iran because the commanders on the ground don't have a clue. Lawyer in Moussaoui trial messes up a gimme?

More fun below the fold

From The Chicago Tribune: Iran can't fix problems in Iran and we think they can fix problems in Iraq? Democrats still don't seem to be able to find their way out of a paper bag. Researchers making progress in investigating bird flu. (This is actually good news! Finding out how it attacks humans is the first step to figuring out a treatment/cure. No sarcasm here.)

From the San Diego Union-Tribune: Now this would be fun! Scary times at the NCAA tournament as plastic utensils were confused for a bomb. (Poor pups probably just wanted a hot dog.) Aussie gem dealer in trouble for illegally importing fosselized dino eggs.

From Newsweek: Is March Madness just rewarding mediocrity? Further proof that a serious romp in the sack is all the sleep aid most people need. The real hostage count in Iraq.

From Operation Swarmer: because the President has to be seen as doing something about terra. Rice is threatening Russia. We soooo do not want the King's hand maiden as President down the road. Is Regime change in Iran in our future? We have a King they can have!

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