National News Roundup

From The Washington Post: Finally! A Democratic Senator with a spine. Don't miss this online Tourney Tracker bracket generator. Three months ago it was "Cut and Run" and now it's doable. (Pssst! It's election time.)
From Newsweek: Hypocrisy from the Bush, really. Is abortion the new third rail for the GOP? There's fallout from the Dubai ports deal.
From The New York Times: The trial lawyer who screwed up the Moussaoui case had almost no criminal trial experience....and she's working on one of the single most important criminal cases of our time. Wow. Senate Republicans reject Pay-go budget strategy, yet again. Utility companies bilking us LEGALLY.

More news below the fold...

From the Los Angeles Times: Moussaoui case is just one of a string of goofs in high profile terror trials.
From BlueNC: Rep. David Price (D-NC) goes on record in an in-depth don't-miss exclusive interview. Is there racism in school funding in Wake County? It's a Liddy Dole shakedown. The struggle for integrity in the NCGOP. The beginning of the end of Medicaid.
From U.S.A. Today: If you aren't feeling safe with port security do NOT read this article. GOP House leaders back ethics rules for lobbyists, but give themselves a pass. Government hires contractors who are in violation of tax laws. Almost every man's dream come true. They're doing this because?????
From U.S. News & World Reports: U.S. Ports still not safe. Bush said to be against eviscerating or emasculating members of Congress who opposed ports deal.
From Time: Bush trying to stay relevant. Is the Bush administration serious about regime change in Iraq?

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Will you marry me?

Ooops . . . forgot, we're already both married. Great summary this morning. Bush trying to stay relevant? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

And I thought it would be the

beer coming out of the kitchen sink article you would like. I haven't tried the tourney tracker bracket generator yet, but I always pick Carolina to go all the way. Durned good thing I don't gamble.

Yeah, I'm married, but the man is gone until Sunday. I'm really living it up. I stayed up until 2am(and got up at 4am). No, really, that is living it up! Trust me....and isn't that pathetic? I am the single most boring person I know. I was going to send him an email and say something sexy...but the only thing I could think to say was, "Honey, I finished painting the downstairs." I thought better of it because then I would actually have to paint the downstairs. Ahh, the sun is out. Life is good. I need more coffee.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

For better or for worse

I gave up beer (coming out of sinks or otherwise) a few years back when I noticed my pants getting too tight.

Funny, I could have written the same message to my wife, who's out of town until Monday . . . but instead of painting, it's floor polishing and laundry. Just call me Mr. Mom.


Excitement abounds!

I sent an email out to CBN, posted a link to the DKos diary at Firedoglake and am about to post on both of my blogs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Great post

Thanks for the round-up. Much easier than trying to find all this crap myself.

Why thank you...

It is fun, but I sometimes get caught up reading too much at each site. I'm going to do my best to do this every day and will get some local papers in the mix when I can. I ran out of time today.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.